Introduce Yourself

I'll not be fancy.

I'm a software engineer. I've been building and designing websites since the browser wars. About 20 years of experience. I've been writing html since before some of you were a glint in your daddy's eye. I've lived through tech fads such as Shockwave, Flash, Silverlight, etc. One thing hasn't changed though. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are still around. So I track my technical path from there.

In the beginning, I thought I could be a design savant. Making beautiful websites and graphics. I did that for a while. I was not bad at it. But it was always a chore. I made some creative designs. I've also made some stinkers. I slowly realized that I enjoyed the technical problems solving much more than the aesthetic problem solving. With design, the outcomes are subjective. You are at the whim of the opinions of those you serve.

The development side is objective. It either works or it doesn't. Paired with my visual communication skills, I became a unique developer resource. I was able to rapidly prototype websites and applications. They looked good, and they worked. Not only did they work, the code styling was not lacking. I could hand these projects off to any developer. I don't get hung up on a single project and try to hang on to it as if my career depends on it. I thrive on developing an elegant solution to a complex set of requirements.

My hobbies these days are pushing my knowledge in several areas. Data science and visualization, web technologies, and ux/content/information architecture.

I am a problem solver. THAT's what I love to do. I love to solve problems.

So why am I here?

My goal is to learn and share my knowledge. I feel that my journey and experiences can help someone else make decisions in their careers or lives. I hear a lot about people trying to start out. They just don't know where to go or how to go about it. How am I going to accomplish this on Steemit? I don't know. But that's what I'm going to find out.

I am you.
I know where you're going.
I've been there before.
I know the way.
I know the roadblocks you're about to hit.
I know some of the shortcuts.
I know the conversations you're going to have with yourself.
I know the conversations you're having with yourself right now.
I believe in you.
I believe in you probably more than you believe in yourself.
I can get you there.



@kshoultz this is a great post - as someone new to the Web Dev world (CPA/recent General Assembly grad) i found it inspiring. Would love to talk to you more about your professional experiences if you're open to it - follow me.


That sounds great. Offhand I'd say that the one thing I do is to keep trying to learn the next thing. Trade an early morning hour of sleep for a course on Udemy, for example. Cheers! I look forward to hearing about the journey.

My thoughts exactly at the moment, thanks @kshoultz I'll keep you posted.

Welcome to Steem @kshoultz. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Welcome to steemit bro. Its a wonderful community. U can follow me @mannyz

Welcome to Steemit , thats very creative way of showing the intro info on that photo !

Thanks! I didn't have paper around, so I improvised.

Thant was a good one !

welcome to steemit , i appreciate if you follow me @wrestlingworld :) , have nice day.

Gracias Amigo!

Welcome to steemit, may the force be with you mate :)

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togheter we stand divided we fall programadores!

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