The Truth about the STEEM Witnesses and what we do!

Dear followers, in this video I will show and tell you what steem-witnesses really do!


Hello some fuckers are attacking you dear friend, I will use all my account to vote for your witness. I'm with your method.

The matrix screen cracked me up! The best part was that you had a hard time not cracking up yourself. Nice video! There needs to be more video like these.

Thank you very much @firstikken

I worked for vanager and Host Europe in the virtuell-serverhosting area... I also installed Servers in Datacenters, mostly PE2950 so you see its a few years ago^^

Do you use virtual or dedicated server?

Heeey there you are @jeanviete :) Glad you liked the video & information :)

Virtual or dedicated... My witness run on something they call a cloud, I am able to scale up and down processors, ram and storage as I need them, when I need them with none to minimum downtime.

With the coming hard fork the server-requirements will be less due to optimising efforts from the @steemit development team. Looking forward to that :)

Ahh ok, so they call it cloud but its simply a virtualisation that runs on the server... the "cloud" system make sense when you have a good hoster, then u can save good money^^

Thank you very much again for your great work, answers and astounding commitment to the project "Steemit" <3

Your welcome :) - Steem On!

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@fyrstikken when I set my proxy at "fyrstikken" I could reach barely 10 votes... when I clear the proxy the votes come in again?!?!

Do you have an idea what could be the reason or a simple coincidence?

Yes I always wanted to know that! Thank you.

You are welcome

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thank for video

Thanks for the video, I think more people would be interested in it so I am promoting it.

Thanks to @jeamvite for asking such a important question that I feel many of us dont fully understand, and of course thanks to @fyrstikken for explaining it in hes own words, its ones of the most detailed videos I have seen thank you.

Very nice explanation-- thanks! This is a little clearer for me now.

Yes its very intresting. But like i see, so these servers are Central made ? and uphold from developers ?

Resteem'd. Cause it should seen :)

From a guy that feels a sense of accomplishment for successfully checking his email...That was incredible! You have my vote for witness!

Thank you :)

Thank you ! For this video

I am glad it was well received :)

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