What are the side effect of sleep late?|Bad Effect of sleep late

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The Night insomniac tasted: We almost never overact at night with a variety of needs in life. Whether it's intentional and anichhakritavavei, lately Night is a jagata of trends. Many of us now choose to work awake at night. We now forget to take care of the great karmavyastar in this bustling lodger. The consequence of which is to Buriaya at a young age with various complex diseases. Let's not know what inconvenience we face at night or sleeping regularly less sleeping regularly.

✔ ️ in the danger of mental disorders those who do not sleep properly at night or awake at night are more likely to see an outbreak of mental diseases including bishannata (depression), restlessness (anxiety), irritability), response hallucinations (hallucination). And those who are already bhugchen in these diseases increase their suffering. For this, the treatment of the mental disease is very much seen in the application of sleep medicine.

✔ ️ on the face malinata what happened, after regular skin care, there are black spots around acne or eyes. Regular nights can be a cause for wake. For this same reason the fingerprints and skin of the age of the face may be dry.

✔ ️ Cormodyamta Reduction doctors say that people need to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night so that the body and mind can have nutrient in the daytime. Sleep irregularities can reduce the enthusiasm of people's work. Even when sleeping at night is an increase in the chance of making people wrong.

✔ ️ Research on disease Prevention has shown that regular night Juggen are more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, physical obesity even stroke. A number of scientific studies have shown that human beings are more likely to jago more nights than diseases.

✔ ️ human body in the body clock, his internal work runs according to the body's own time. For example, Itaya People's sleep in the deep state at night. By Insomniac at night, chaos and hormones may be wasted in the body's own clock.
Simon Archer, a researcher at Heal University, said the study showed irregularly working in the wake of the night as the body clock was losing the efficacy of 97 percent.
The bachay of the Guess says, if there are clocks in every room and reverse on all the clocks, then the state of the House can be a very messed up situation by insomniac at night.

✔ ️ Suicide trend increases the majority twenties of all mental illnesses that are more likely to be sleeping at night. Researchers have found evidence that adolescents who sleep less than 5 hours a night in girls are 71% more likely to suffer from Bishannataya and suicide, 48% more than teenagers who sleep 8 hours a night.
The chances of sleeping regularly suicide after fitter at night are about 20% increase even ghumaleo 8 hours.

✔ ️ decreases in memory

Apariharya woke to keep brene in the Bolte that we had all day. It is easy to get sthayeroop in the process of consolidation of memory in the sleep. Information acquired in insufficient sleeping regularly at night may not get sthayeroop in memory. Other than those who do not sleep enough at night they can notice the trend of making mistakes. That is, the memory of the event that hasn't happened.

✔ ️ heart problems that raghanter less sleep at night are highly raktachape suffering from or controlled by the possibility of increasing blood pressure. In addition, the outbreak of heart attacks and stroke in ratzaga patients is more than 4 times higher than normal. Compared to ordinary people, the risk of Ratzaga people's heart disease-bisukher is about 40% higher.
The researchers at Warwick Medical school said "If you sleep raghanter less at night and you are not sleeping properly then the chances of you dying of heart disease or death from it are more than 48% and Stoke are 15% more likely to be infected or die." "✔ ️ increase in body growth is responsible for the growth of the body in sleep and the emission of hormone is more than the rate malnutrition of the body. Many times the joint of children are in pain at the height of the night (epificial plates are responsible for increasing the length of the bone in the near joints which creates a feeling of pain during growth). So those who do not sleep properly at night (especially in the case of children and Tinaejaradera) can reduce their body's growth.

✔ ️ Breast & ovareer Cancer A study found that Karmazibi women who worked at night had a risk of breast and dimbashoye cancer, compared to 30% and 49% respectively during the day. Ratzaga men are among the fatal risk of prostate cancer.

✔ ️ problems with bowel disorders that Gbalapora juggen at night, peptic ulcer, nausea, vomiting, vomiting, eritable Bowell syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, constipation, and many other disorders. Due to the problem of acideditier, it paksthalir ulcer the possibility of taking shape later.

✔ ️ reproduction and sex nights wake women with irregular menstrual disorders, prematurely having children, having children with less weight, bathayukt menstrual period and in some cases there may be problems like having children. The Gamett of the reproduction system is reduced to fertility. Currently, experts are considering a significant cause of irregular and insufficient sleep bandhyatber.
The study also found that women who do not sleep properly at night may be reduced to Jounakankhao.

✔ ️ Microslep Microslep is obsthayo to be asleep for a few seconds to 30 seconds without forecast. The microsliper trend is more visible to those who juggen night and don't sleep enough. For those who do driving or run the machines, this condition can cause fatal awash and pranhanir.

✔ ️ Headache For those who don't sleep properly at night to increase the severity of headache and migraine.
Trends are more often seen. The brain tissue starts to disintegrate.

✔ ️ Moral demotion for those who do not sleep at night and juggen enough time can reduce the feeling of moral justice.
Immoral actions can be accomplished by the reason of the practice of ethics.


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