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RE: Shenanigans in the Jungle: San Blas River Boat Tour (Plus 5 Helpful Tips for Your First Time)

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I had to come back here to say a massive thanks to you guys. You blew my mind away. I have been thinking about it all day. I couldn't contain the excitement. You have a golden heart. No words could adequately do justice to how excited i am, with your kind and timely gestures. Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you massively. Means a lot to me, more than you can imagine. Wow!. God bless your hearts.


@olawalium we couldn't think of another more deserving individual on Steemit! You consistently read every one of our posts and watch the videos, write thoughtful comments, and always bring a smile to our faces! We know you do the same for others with enthusiasm every day. Additionally, we believe your posts are well-written and undervalued. Hopefully, we can do more to help ramp up your account so your efforts are rewarded, as they should be. :)

Steemians, you gotta follow @olawalium. He's the BEST.

Oh my! This got to me. Wow! You are both a blessing.

You are a rare gift
You came to give me a lift
With so much joy and no rift
I know you catch my drift

Hahaha. This is huge. Thank you. Means a whole lot to me. Don't make me rush down to Mexico, give you both a massive hug, take Tequila shots with you, and come back. Haha.

Have been following this kind soul from the beginning!!! It's true about reading it all and writing his heart out. I am happy to call @olawalium my friend.

He has also pushed me to cteate on steemit when I was down and lazy (talling about #Dreamscometrue, Olawalium) and his comment always put a smile on my face!

Thank you for helping him out, what ever you did, it sounds like it was super well appreciated!

And guys, excellent video. It reminded me of abtime I crossed the border from Mexico to Guatemala by boat, well except for the bit where we thought we were going to be in real trouble. Beautiful trip you are having.

Following you, I want to see more stuff!

Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much @senorcoconut. It's really an honour to have you as a friend. Your kind words are much appreciated and it's good to have #dreamscometrue be a reality and all credit goes to you, my friend.
Yes, @tangerinetravels are so amazing, kindhearted and adorable. I am glad you are following them now. You will enjoy every of their posts. I do every time.

Thank you so much @Olawalium I am happy you told me about their blog. I like it a lot... it reminds me of my own trips so far!

Yes, read you moved across Mexico too, on a boat. Hahaha. That's funny. Wow.

Oh god... the first time we had a nasty misunderstanding, thought we were going to be left in the middle of some river, to die! And the second attempt on another river, our little boat got surrounded by a swarm of huge angry bees, but the engine got fixed right in time when only one person got stung....we sped away! It will be posted one day!

Hahahahaha. I can't wait to read about it. Please, do tag me when you do. Bees are not really nice with the stings. Glad you got saved. It's scary being in the middle of the water and the boat give way. Haha. What caused the misunderstanding? I trust you will give every inch details as to what happened, when you make that post.

I sure will post every details down to my face turning green and feeling like I had eaten psychedelic mushroom!!!

The misunderstanding was simply not speaking spanish well at all and the capitain having drank a whole bottle of vodka!

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