Standing Stones

One of the most stunning views on Kona are the lava tubes and lava trails running down the island. Once your standing around one of the hardened flows you can certainly understand the strength, heat and destruction that lava and Mother Earth can create.

Lava Rock-1.jpg

Thanks for reading.


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WOw !!! Amazing it looks like a statue .... Good work man . @scottdphoto

Thanks, I appreciate you checking out my work.

Hi Scott @scottdphoto Thank you for sharing a beautiful photo original work you did, my mom and I we enjoyed it and now we are looking more photos you have on the above link ... Thank you very much.

Great, thanks.

You're welcome :-)

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Awesome photo .. the background of the standing Stones is breathtaking. This is an excellent shot. Thanks @scottdphoto for sharing this photo

thanks in advance for your kindness.
Plz upvote me

Thanks in advance for your kindness.
Plz upvote me.

You sure do get to a wide variety of places, cool picture.

You've turned this small stone into a great, beautiful photography art.

Outstanding photo!

love the drama in this photo! :)

This is amazing!!!

The picture is amazing!
God’s creation!

I love the tone and mood of this photo. Its so simple yet says so much.

If you could I would love to know what you like of some of my work if you wouldn't mind check some of it out.

FANTASTIC POST............................................

Hope the lava rock wasnt too hot, cause in summer is get burn you and it is super sharp. good work @scottdphoto

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Great had a really clear day, this shot is wide !

Interesting capture!

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very beautiful :)

Nice Picture.... I like it!


Cool photo. Love it.

Interesting photo!

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amazing, very good.

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Super landscape

i love stones. :) And the colorful background. :)
Iceland is the best shooting place for that :)

beautiful stones and the sky !

wow this is really beautiful

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