Landscape Photography - The Inspiring Arles, France

Arles, France is a city in Southern France roughly 2-3 hours west of Nice. Probably it's most famous resident was Vincent van Gogh who lived here from 1888 - 1899. During his time in Arles, he produced over 300 painings and drawings. And with views like this, it's not hard to guess why he was so inspired. Taken on an iPhone 7 Plus in October 2017.

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Arles France landscape.JPG

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I was there too last year. I love the atmosphere of Arles. It's like a litte Paris in the South

Yeah it really is a great part of France to visit!

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Nice . I went to the Van Gough mesuem in Amsterdam .

I haven't been, but I definitely want to if I'm ever in Amsterdam again.

Wow, I feel like France has so many beautiful countrysides like this but everyone forgets about them because they focus on Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

I agree. There are so many great places in France outside of Paris!

That is pure loveliness!

It really is, isn't it? This was just as the sun was rising on a very lovely day.

Light is very beautiful!

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This is absolutely stunning bud! Definitely not hard to see why he was so inspired!

Thanks! It really is a great part of the world, somewhere I'm very lucky I got to see in person.

Beautiful, serene place... I have been to Nice (and loved it) but havent made it to the countryside in this region... will have to check it out too next time :) Thanks for inspiration!

You're welcome! I love Nice and the south of France. It feels so different from Paris and the northern part of the country.

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