The Road to Winter

Snow Street Upload.jpg

I shot the image on a Rolleiflex 2.8 F/80mm with Kodak Trix 400 120 Film.
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Winter in Black and White


Thats an awesome pic, enjoy the last of the winter while you can cause it's almost over

Thank you for the comment. In Austria the Winter just started after some delay :)

This is so beautiful ! Captures the winter atmosphere :)

thank you for the reply.

Black and white format is exactly right for this photo! But I hope winter will over))

Thx for the comment. Yes its bloody cold at the moment here in Vienna:)

thank you for the nice comment and resteem :)

Both beautiful and eerie! Great picture.

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nice shot!
where was this photo taken?

At the mountain area Dachstein. Thx for commenting

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thx for the advice and comment

Very great Photography :)!!

This is captured so well! Snow and black and white photographs really mix well yeah?

They do! Thx a lot for stopping by.

Wow, amazing shot! Lovely landscape

purely beautiful

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