China 's most beautiful snow fog Part II (Original for Steemit) 美得让人醉

in landscape •  3 years ago 

In order to shoot these beautiful fog, hiking 30 km, I saw the most beautiful fog pine, plum blossom all night by a package, crystal clear, this landscape may be a few years, a rare ten years can't see, Very beautiful, Valentine 's Day is coming, I would like to draw two people in the snow, but the ice is too hard,Together to appreciate the most beautiful fog in China!


付出总有收获,为了拍摄这些漂亮的雾松,徒步行走登山30公里,我见到了最美的雾松,梅花一夜间全被冰雪包裹,晶莹剔透,这种风景也许几年难得一见,美的让人陶醉,情人节也快到了,我想在雪地上画两个人,但冰太坚硬了, 一起来欣赏中国最美的雾松!

Hope you like!

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Beautiful photos, my congratulations!