Oh so "Special"

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Oh Really

A while back after creating a new business and brand, I invested the time and expense for the Trademark to protect them.

Now if you have ever gone through the trademark process you will know that there are a number of steps and time involved.

As example; after the initial search, there begins a series of other steps prior to the licensing. At this time, other trademark owners may open a dispute on your design if they feel it is similar or infringes upon their design.

So as you may have already guessed, I was notified by the attorney that new mark was under dispute. The company making the charge was from Battle Creek, MI... a little concern called Kellogg's.


My fist reaction was %#@*

Well it seems as this very large corporate structure thought my mark looked too much like their ### K, as in "Special K"!

Now I did not, nor did my new business have, the extra funds to begin a legal battle with a corporate giant like Kellogg, but for whatever reason, onward it went. Sparing you the bulk of the process, I was fortunate enough to succeed and the mark was registered.

Never give up, no matter how daunting the circumstance appears!

a true story with image credits to: General Mills and Kyusho International

Image credit: logonoid.com

_**Good Health - Evan Pantazi

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Your logo is more reminscient of the Kodak logo, though I'd say not enough to confuse trademarks. And not anywhere close to Kellogg's K. That they took any legal action against you is ridiculous bullying though!


that's what lawyers do.
be glad it wasn't apple.