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When practicing Wing Chun Qi Gong, you need to have a 'crystal clear mind'.

Looking at the 5 principles I have provided, this refers to 'Don't Worry'.

But How to Clear the Mind?

It is not about trying to stop thoughts. Trying to do so is equivalent to trying to hold a beach ball under water. Eventually, as soon as you let go, it pops straight back up again.

The trick to clearing your mind is to do with your attention. Most the time, out of habit, people are simply engrossed in their own thoughts. Their thoughts pollute their clear mind and layer their own self-created meaning on the universe around them. In short, it taints your perception .

In order to clean the doors of your perception you only need to realise that your 'sense doors' are already clean.

  1. Seeing
  2. Hearing
  3. Smelling
  4. Tasting
  5. Feeling

For Kung Fu and Qi Gong, one of the most important senses is 'Feeling'.

You may recall from Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee says to his disciple in the opening, "Don't Think. Feel".

The Key is Attention

Your attention is like a torch in a dark room. It illuminates only what you point it at.

And as mentioned above, most people place their attention on their thoughts. And out of habit energy, it just occurs non stop.

So when practicing Qi Gong, you want to change this habit.

Take the attention away from thinking, and place it on 'Feeling'.

So when you move, simply feel the movement. And when you are still, simply feel the body.

With greater attention to feeling, you naturally do less thinking. And since attention also enhances whatever you place it on, it will energise your feeling!

In that way, over time you will naturally move deeper in your body and be able to feel at more subtle layers. Until eventually, you discover the Qi Door. And when the Qi Door is discovered, you'll notice that your mind is naturally empty.

All the best in your training!

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Sifu Jordan
(Don't Worry, Relax, Be Happy, Concentrate and Do Your Best)


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What is your Wing Chun lineage Sifu Jordan?

I trained Wing Chun about 15 years ago for close to 2 years in the Leung Ting lineage in the EWTO. I've made it to 5th student level, to the beginning of dan chi sao. I learned the 2 first forms, so basic hand and leg techniques.

To this day I practice some of the moves because it just stays in your blood.

In relation to your post I practiced the first form the other day and it's been a while. But what I figured out is that Siu Nim Tao form is a form of meditation because you're so focused on completing the moves that your brain is clear of your everyday thoughts which is the point of meditation I believe.


Hi @direwolf -
I've trained under a few different lineages, such as Moy Yat and Chu Shong Tin. But I was appointed as a Sifu under Sifu Greg Choi, whom was also a direct student of Grand Master Yip Man. Every school has slight differences as well as cross-overs, but predominantly what I discuss on Steemit is specifically from what I learnt from Sifu Greg.

And yes, the Sui Nim Tao is a form of Qi Gong Meditation. The body movements can be used as a focal point for the mind, which assists in emptying out thoughts. Just a small note...your focus should not be on completing the move, as that is a future state. The focus should be on the present state, such as 'moving'.

And finally, there are many points that can be derived from mediation. Clearing the mind, or emptiness meditation is just a single aspect. After all, I haven't yet disclosed any of the Internal Qi Gong components of the Sui Nim Tao yet, but I will. With these teachings, you will clear the mind, strengthen the immune system, increase your vitality, become more flexible, and build a repertoire of skills in the 'energy arts' to name only a few of the potentials.

Best of luck and keep practicing.

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