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Whomever wields this power can have whatever there hearts desire, & of course we are talking about the The caduceus a symbol of coiling snakes is thought to be an ancient symbolic representation of Kundalini physiology.

This is the Freemason book we will be looking at today but its in Latin so it's pointless pasting pictures of it .

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either "coiled up" or "coiling like a snake." There are a number of other translations of the term usually emphasizing a more serpent nature to the word - e.g. 'serpent power'.

The reason its called serpent power is because your are 2/3 thirds divine (666) and 1/3 human this goes back to the real origins of mankind. The anunnaki created the modern day humans as we know but not the way you think the made us around 200 - 400 thousand years ago as a part of a rescue mission to save the souls lost when Tiamat collided with earth and creating the asteroid belt. 

After they left another alien race came in and took over they are know as the draco a member of the dark alliance and the true power of the Illuminati. They are the ones that wanted slaves to dig gold they were also reptilian race and they are the ones responsible for the tower of babel destruction. 

In the bible it says god confounded the language in the Sumerian tablets it says they modified the DNA of the humans to make them less perfect and better slaves they added there DNA to our mix . so we are really 1/3 human , 1/3 anunnaki & 1/3 Draco yes there are a few others but lets not complicated things now i will wait till the cabal try and fool everyone with there partial disclosure.

So this is why it is so important to activate the 1/3 anunnaki DNA while simultaneously learn to accept the draco part of us and heal it. so of course the next logical question is how do i awaken the Kundalini? so lets get started 

The most chosen path is meditation visualize the serpent rising up your spinal column 

Close your eyes and visualize your spine

For this sutra, for this technique of meditation, one has to close his eyes and visualize his spinal column, his backbone. It is good to look up in some physiology book the structure of the body, or to go to some medical college or hospital and look at the structure of the body. Then close your eyes and visualize your backbone. Let the backbone be straight, erect. Visualize it, see it, and just in the middle of it visualize a nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, running in the center of your spinal column.

In such be transformed.

Becoming centered

If you can, concentrate on the spinal column, and then on a thread in the middle of it – on a very delicate nerve like a lotus thread running through it. Concentrate on it, and this very concentration throws you to your center. Why?

The brain – growing out of the spine

The spinal column is the base of your whole body structure. Everything is joined to it. Really, your brain is nothing but one pole of your spinal column. Physiologists say it is nothing but a spinal column growth; your brain is really a growth of your spinal column.

The delicate nerve in the spine

Your spine is connected with your whole body – everything is connected to it. That is why it is called the spine, the base. In this spine there is really a thread-like thing, but physiology will not say anything about it because it is not material. In this spine, just in the middle, there is a silver cord – a very delicate nerve. It is not really a nerve in the physiological sense. You cannot operate and find it; it will not be found there.

Becoming aware of the silver cord

But in deep meditation it is seen. It is there; it is non-material. It is energy, not matter. And really, that energy cord in your spinal column is your life. Through that you are related to the invisible existence, and through that also you are related to the visible. That is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. Through that thread you are related to the body, and through that thread also you are related to your soul.

First imagination, then reality

First, visualize the spine. At first you will feel very strange, you will be able to visualize it, but as an imagination. And if you go on endeavoring, then it will not be just your imagination. You will become capable of seeing your spinal column.

The thread of life in the spine

Once you can feel, concentrate and realize this thread, you will be filled with a new light. The light will be coming from your spinal column. It will spread all over your body; it may even go beyond your body. When it goes beyond, auras are seen.“

excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Chapter 9  

Starting from the top of your head visualize your crown chakra opening.

Watch as pure white light enters your crown chakra  and slowly spirals down through your spine.

The white light opens your third eye chakra.

You may experiences vibrant colors especially in blue, and violet . . .

The white light moves down to your throat chakra releasing your blockages. 

You may feel like chanting or singing.

Allow the tones to resonant from your throat.

Do this as long as is comfortable . . .

The white light now enters your heart chakra.

You experience a feeling of unconditional love and compassion.

The white light enters your solar plexus.

Gently your fears - anger - tensions are released.

See the white light enter your spleen chakra releasing pain and guilt linked to that chakra.

The white light now enters your Root Chakra the seat of your kundalini energy.

As it does, it begins to activate the energy of the base (root) chakra.

Feel the energy suddenly emerge from your Root Chakra, 

Spiraling up through the base of your spine as if it were a coiled snake.

The coiled snake represents the spiraling DNA - 

opening, activating, bringing you to higher levels of consciousness.

Allow the energy to flow through your chakras.

See the energy wheels rotating.

When your are ready - return your consciousness to your physical body.

Relax and balance your energies.

You might want to drink some water.

This part was from http://www.crystalinks.com/kundalini.html

The next way is to Intense breathing exercises (PRANAYAM ) . This is aimed to enhance the life force (Prana). Breathing is very important in kundalini meditation. Mediators who practice this in their kundalini meditation perform it by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. They believe that by doing so will help them focus more on their breathing and ensure that sufficient oxygen is delivered to the brain.

If you have no idea where to start i highly recommend to use http://www.brainsync.com/awakening-kundalini.html

As Kelly teaches you how to breathe while recording the track with theta waves to put you in the state of mind . Of course this is just to help you out, like training wheels and you should just use this until you are unconsciously competent at the breathing exercises. 

Other way is to do an open eye meditation Sit with a straight spine, either in a comfortable cross-legged position or in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Relax your hands in your lap, palms up, with the right hand rested on top of the left. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the upper chest lifted slightly to support the spine. The eyes are 9/10 closed while staring of the picture of kundalini/Mandalas  that is fully awaken . ( this activates your mirror neurons )

Let all the thoughts simply come and go, like the background noise of people talking around you at a party. Just let go of the thoughts, as you stay with the flow and sensations of your breath. Continue for another 6-8 minutes. To end, take a deep breath, exhale, and inhale deeply again as you stretch both arms up to the ceiling. Exhale and relax.

The other method is Strict yoga postures. This is aimed to provide physical fitness.  In kundalini meditation, find a position that is comfortable for you. The straighter your back, the better as it helps the serpent energy to flow more easily through your body.

The next one is easily the most fun its Tantra: This is a sexually oriented yoga practice. Kundalini (Female Divine Force) and Shiva (Male Divine Force) are energetically combined through Tantric techniques. (JUST TO POINT THIS ONLY WORKS WITH SOMEONE YOU REALLY LOVE) when this is done right you will hopefully get an energy overload that tantrikas call “a kundalini orgasm.”

This is why i put another blog which states to never masturbate because when you do you release kundalini energy rather than harnessing its power you waste it . This also goes for just fucking some piece of ass because the same thing happens that all your doing is burning your kundalini energy. Yes there is a way to re-channel the sexual energy this is know as Ancient  Egyptian Sexual Ankhing you are going to have to read The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II book in order to figure it out. 

It is for this reason that the Hindu and Siberian tantra systems ask the male to avoid ejaculating

One of the basic teachings of Tantra is that when you have an orgasm the sexual energy shoots up your spine and is gone forever, IF you don’t control it. Basically, you have a finite number of orgasms and once you run out, you die. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty depressing thought!

I am by no means an expert on Tantra as this is the topic i know least of but i'm sure as hell look forward to doing it ;)

Tao – The primordial power is described that of a Mother. Lao Tze described Kundalini as ‘spirit of the valley’, which never dies.

Buddhist – The lord Buddha spoke of the ‘middle path’ to achieve Nirvana, which is the central channel Sushumna. The secret was only passed down to few serving disciples.

Why do you think, whenever you saw any "god" doing supernatural things they were always holding a "rod or staff"

(Thoth is a blue avian)

(Moses using his rod (kundalini ) to raise is vibration to part the river) 

(Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead using his "magic rod" of course we can now see that he is just transmitting his vibration to "awaken" Lazarus as he was not really physically dead but spirituality.)

(Jesus turns water into wine using his magic rod)

So now that you have the final key in the accession process whats your willingness to grasping the scepter of power?


beautiful wild lush enlightening post

Good job, if you have time watch my video, its sick whats going on -

I really liked the post, and I have tried some of these things, but I am just not capable of concentrating on something for mare than a couple of minutes.
Not that I won't continue trying.

It's because thats not a part of your subconscious program yet if you read my how to reprogram your mind article. this really helped me out https://www.realsubliminal.com/product/improve-concentration & https://www.realsubliminal.com/product/mental-clarity

Interesting info, but please state your sources. They're all clearly from another source with direct plagiarism. It is implied that you're claiming the writing as your own if you're not clarifying it.

i did clearly state where they were from in the blog " The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II book ,excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Chapter 9 the rest was from me

This part was from http://www.crystalinks.com/kundalini.html

New age bulllshit.

+1 Downvote.

I might write an article on New Age Bullshit myself soon. Should that day come, I'll let you know.

The Essence and Task of Freemasonry By Rudolf Steiner

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