Kucoin Brings Back Referral Program! 20% Bonus!!

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KuCoin referral bonus is back!

Kucoin has officially returned their referral program! They have posted about it in their blog stating that you will earn 20% of your referrals trading fees for the next year!

Their blog post however, does not state how you will be paid out for these referrals. I'm assuming the earnings will be paid in KCS, but it could possibly be paid in BTC (shows a Bitcoin in their graphic above).

If you don't yet have a Kucoin account, you can sign up with my referral link below, if you'd like to of course. I'd greatly appreciate it! KuCoin is my 2nd favorite exchange so if you don't have an account there yet, I highly highly recommend them!


Thanks and enjoy!


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I haven't signed up for this exchange yet, it's one of the only few that I haven't probably. lol I will use your referral link.

Thanks I appreciate that a ton! :D I've been using them for quite awhile. Mainly because I wanted to buy a lot of their KuCoin Shares token (you earn a bit of every token based on the volume and your Kucoin Shares holdings) and for some of the smaller cap coins. Like the AI coins Singularity and Deep Brain Chain.

They have a lot of unique coins. Binance, Kucoin, and Bittrex are my go to exchanges. I'll use OpenLedger and Cryptopia once in awhile too. :P

Thanks for your support @aphiso!

Your contribution is appreciated.

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Do you think it’s worth investing some money in Kucoin? How much have you’ve invested and earned from that investment?


I think so, and what you earn from KCS depends on the trading volume on the whole exchange

Ah ok thanks for the info I will use your link :)

thank you! :)

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