Soul mate from planet Krypton

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Several times already now, I have experienced some of my 'future' life friends checking in on me.

The way this goes down is that during night I wake up some time, and suddenly I feel how my Astral body is being dragged very high up the sky aboard a spaceship. What I strongly sense in these situations is that somebody is checking my Astral body and 'energizing' me, at least this is how it feels.

When I experienced this the first time about 5 years ago, I was of course very scared because I was absolutely clueless as to what was happening. Yet over time I clearly realized that I am receiving extraterrestial help to release my body density on the one hand, making contact with Soul mates I engage with next life on the other.

On October 23, 2016 while being aboard such a spaceship with my Astral body, a female voice, which some months later revealed itself as being one of my best friends next life born on technology planet Krypton, told me that "I need to keep up my balance only one more year".

The reason for her saying that was owing to the fact that until then I had been leaving my body willfully several times in the wake of great discomfort in this reality, and whenever I did so there was a voice reprimanding me to get back into my body. So I found out that this very voice was exactly the same voice telling me "to keep up my balance only one more year". And indeed my attempts of leaving stopped at the predicted time thanks to betterment in reality comfort.

I also gleaned that the two of us will meet very early on next life, and I have been receiving insights into planet Krypton as well, probably as a means of preparation for the "cultural shock" and peculiarities I will experience next life on my visits to this planet, the technology focal point of which poses a massive contrast to my Home planet with nature as the core theme.

Will be great!

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Kinda like in the anime your name ^^

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No "your name"

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I am sorry, today I am very slow in thinking. :)

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