Is Kratom Actually Safer Than Most Prescription Drugs?

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The FDA has failed to convince the DEA to schedule Kratom as a Schedule 1 drugs so instead, they are employing a strategy to ban it state by state and the State of Ohio is leading the charge. But once again, the claims being made as justification for banning Kratom are junk science.

Let’s give it a Reality Check.

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Great video, I'm so glad to see you back. I am a big fan of Kratom. I have had chronic back pain for a couple years, and Kratom is literally the only thing that helps me be comfortable.

It has become standard operating procedure for the deep state to make good things for you illegal , and allow things like opioids , and heroine that can KILL YOU , left unchallenged . Not really a surprise , however using self preservation , and other natural law avenues you could argue infont of any judge or magistrate in the world that you body is your own❗️And NOT of the state’s❗️This would end decades of a failed , and cruel war on humanity = THE DRUG WAR . With BUDWEISER proclaiming to be the KING in the background , and MARLBORO cowboying it across our plains . And as late night Te-LIE-vision shows an endless parade of law firms giving you their number for a PRESCRIPTION drug you originally took to make you better , and is now KILLING YOU⁉️There are ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION drugs like VIAGRA linked to MELANOMA CANCER⁉️ How could we go wrong with putting innocent life in a cage against their will for choosing an alternative to their items on the shelf⁉️ Imagine if you offended the royal bastards by picking the wrong laundry detergent⁉️ Silly ❓One day with all this new technology 📲 they might just make the price of something you like higher , or inaccessible . Maybe your light bill will suddenly go up because of your politics❓Thats why I think the smart meter is really there for . To help those who help the state . And punish those who resist . But maybe I’m just a lunatic who rambles❓ But I better not do it in front of ALEXA , or she might stop my free shipping⁉️🤬 Many kitten and puppy videos are FAKE , but are not taken down⁉️You just have to start asking yourself why should I trust these SOCIOPATHS who say one thing one day and then suddenly turn it around while killing millions with a smile on their face😄 like some fine prostitute is sucking that tiny little organ between their legs⁉️ That is a maental illness folks . If they smile while engaging in a conversation about war and killing many to get to one , then you have a SOCIOPATH . But of course a root that grows quite naturally like KRATOM is going to destroy the world⁉️ But only if its good for you .

Welcome back ben

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They are beginning to move on herbal producers. They jailed an Amish Man for cream he was making and selling. He made no medical claims, so they had no jurisdiction, but they twisted it until a liberal judge ruled in their favor. He was jailed for helping people!

I have been looking for Kratom to test for myself, because I am interested. They have made it Very hard to find too!

They are nothing but a bunch of bullies!


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