I've just finished reading the Korea talk post and then this post too which shows and adds to the fact that you've been doing a lot of meetups and public speaking, mostly which I guess it's about steem and steemit promotion, it's apps and yeah the upcoming SMT which I so much have been expecting its launch - yeah, this year right? We are all excited about it

I wanna say thank you again for all you've been doing. Thank you for introducing millions of people to crypto through a decentralised and innovative platform like this - STEEMIT.

We stand in solidarity with you, we love this platform, we wanna see it grow and we know you, the community members and the wonderful developers won't let us down.

Thank you once more and

Happy Steeming

I'm just as excited as you bro.

Please how did you get the post @enolife

Which of the post @temitopebanks?


네드형 보고있나요?
Do you remember me bro?

사장님? 여기서 이러시면 안됩니다

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 장난기발동해서

사장님ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오세용기자님과 선유기지 사장님, 사진 속 두 분 너무 좋아보이세요.


ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 장난치고싶은 욕심

사장님 깜빡이는 키고 들어오셔야죠!

네드는 쿨한형이어서
포옹도, 이 댓글도 즐기실거라 믿습니다ㅋㅋ

@kindbreeze..excellent are with @ned.. Learn from him and share with us..regards

He said SMT is the most important things! have to write about what you heard from @ned. It will be useful for us.

I believe in Steemit. This is a very great platform and it has changed lives in a lot of ways, especially here in Africa. The only bane is that many poor people cannot afford internet connection. Yet indirectly, the goodness of steemit is also reaching these ones. How is that so?

Groups of steemians organize visits to orphanages, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and prisons. In this way, these ones also get to taste the goodness of steemit.

This is not fleeting but is just the beginning because I have great faith that steemit will stand tall and approach unapproachable heights.

Nice to see payouts declined!

@ned, when will you visit my country, Indonesia? We are waiting for you here to discuss much more about Indonesia as the largest steemit community in Asia. Wish you all the best. Regards from Aceh, Indonesia.

One thing ive noticed is your simplicity.Towards fashion.
Is a sign of great mind.
Like your G grade.It shows creativity does require big clothings.
Steem on

Steem Attaining Massive Global Adoption......

Awesome, will definitely check out, thanks for posting.

We all need more of this! Peace

Hi @ned

How are you?

I hope you can visite Indonesia. I hope you can give spirit in Indonesia. we will be very happy if you take the time to share the spirit of steemit.

Hehehe my man - I hope it went well!! :)

and can I just say thank you for creating this beautiful platform that has blessed me with opportunities galore <3 <3

I am missing my "decline payout" dropdown, I thought it was an option gone now or something but bam, here is your post with it.

Hope the talk went well, looks like a good attentive group in that pic, so awesome!

It is in the settings page now.


hi @ned it’s honor to meet u as a steemian.
I posted a review of ned’s talk. kkk

Hey @innovit, you are one of very lucky steemian in the world. You can meet @ned scott and shaking hand each other. I must wait for @ned coming to Indonesia. congrat!

Wish you all the best, regards

나의 희망 你能 有 一 次 的 高效, 有效 和 的 旅.

Will Ned's talk hold in Nigeria anytime soon? You know we have a lot of steemians here and we would love to have you come over!

@camilus wow that would be a very interesting development to have @ned come to Nigeria. I am volunteering in advance.

Steem to the world my new song, our new song. It’s high time the whole world heard about steem. Let the investors keep coming in

@ned, can you please share some videos? So that we can also benefit and get some info from what you gave them in Korea

In almost willing to bet it’s the same stuff covered in the Texas meet up. I don’t have the link handy

멋져요 ㅎㅎ
@ned님 화이팅입니다!!

Beautiful pictures. It must come from a high profile camera. Please where Can I get Bee's talk?

Looks like he's in Korea spreading Steem. This is a great news.

Yeah. You're right. tag is kr

handsome 🙈🙈

how i wish we can actually get a video on it to see how beautifully you speak, indeed you are a god of cryptocurrency, i respect you sir and thanks for your initiative of bringing this kind of media for us to get paid, we are also looking forward on how to use this to spread out to every corner of the world, indeed we can eradicate poverty and hardship out of this world, beautiful and handsome man

He's so beautiful.

Damn @ned, you've dropped a few pounds since the last video update early in the year. Life looks good, thanks for the updates as well.

great talk @ned :)

May I know the Ned's Talk
Is there a video record?

Am I an asshole for thinking this is a lazy ass post? I would like more substance... considering that is the whole point of the platform. I'm tempted to flag it. ;)

No man, you are not alone there.
I'm thinking half the commenters here saw a different post than the one I saw.
I'd upvote your comment, but the vote turns to dust. So I'm going over to upvote your blog instead!

i hope steemit continues to grow.

Where is the video ! I wanna hear your speesh !!

네드 화이팅 스팀 화이팅 입니다 ㅎ

Wooo ceo steemit

This is a question I have had for a long time, when in Aceh, can make a similar event like in korea. What is the word of this world,,,?

And the question is where do you see STEEMIT a year from now !! What's the future of STEEMIT !!

Please where can we find the video...

We need to hear the knowledge you shared

It's a shame you don't post MORE of your content on your own platform. It's worse that you have to deny the Payout because you and your "Partners" really went overboard on your self evaluation model and paid yourselves Very Handsomely right out of the gate.

I wish you lots of luck on your new mission.

In the meantime, some New York Hotshot thinks he's got you and your "operation" ALL Figured out and he's done hours of bad press. I wouldn't ignore him either... he's called in Bomb Treats and is pretty untouchable. I think it would be wise to address it or feel free not to.

Ha. Who even is this douche in the video?

I'm SOOO glad you asked ; )

He's the best damn marketing department for my Cryptographic Sci-Fi Novel!

And he's the Subject of this recent publication as well...


He is SUCH a Big Deal... ask him your self.

NYC Jason on Skype.

Nah. There’s a limit to my tolerance of abject stupidity.


IKR... That J-Go fella is a complete loon.
I felt sorry for Tone, but quickly returned to my senses.

Bacon Criminal.png

But he's GREAT Publicity for MY Work ; )

But he's GREAT Publicity for MY Work


Your speaking of Francis' work... Distant Cousin, but relatable ; )
No, I was talking about my GROWTH just in the last Year since learning about J-Go...

Frank 374.png

let's steem the world @ned


Have a great day!!! :)

I think the community or #kr users can share the @ned video when presenting there. We want to hear as much detail as possible about his conversation. I think this is very important because we are not there. congratulations to Korea..

I’m sure the talk was incredible. Hope to see a video here soon 💪🏻

Awesome this going to have an extreme effect of influx of investors for steem

Make Steemit Great Again @ned :))

we moving to a higher height thanks to this wonderful man...thank you @ned

Nice photos. Was hoping to see some writes up or video.

Will love to hear or read about what you spoke about

Would love to see more then just two pictures. Is there a video from this meeting anywhere?

Good post!!! Well come :)

I want to be therein

It was nice meeting you yesterday @ned.
Good luck for the rest of your time in Seoul :)
Oh and ping me on Slack if you need any help in Seoul 👍🏻

Sure it was a great talk. The audience be listening with so much concentration.

How i wish i was present in this talk. I really want to learn a lot of what steemit has to offer to minows like me.

Nice conference there NED.

Besides... I love your Outfit.. Lol...


We are waiting for you in Indonesia...

About bloody freaking time @ned! Next stop Liberland!!!!

I'm a bit disappointed that there's only pictures and not a video in this post, @ned. How about uploading a video to @dtube with your talk?

good locking design

can i use your content for a German article about your trip? got about 1000 followers within the category #deutsch

@ned see you in @Morocco we support you .

@ned i am sure you totally blew off the roof about steem,it would be great if you and your team can share videos of the talk.