Can't Steemit show some mercy!

in #kr8 years ago

I read a article about the Bitcoin and cut & paste the article yesterday, and you know what! The steem whale voted for me.
I was so happy about it! , But after couple hours later, the steemcleaner put my post down. i understand that they have to do their job. I am not living in English-speaking countries. My writing never be picked up by the whales. Can't Steemit show some mercy!. I sold my car to buy steem powers to earn money. But price slumped so badly. I am suffering a great loss. It was my choice and don't blame anyone about it, but i steal can't forget the moment when the whale voted for me.

I wrote a poem which shows my feelings now.

"Reopened raining today. Doing more and more lonely, and there there is a shop selling magic casts up the flood that want to buy because there is no money. The magic shops disappear someday disappear also the day my dream goes up chasing after the dream." By Jackkang.

I didn't cut&paste any single a word here. thank you


@jackkang copy pasting is not allowed but I understand your frustration.
Perhaps you could ask for help in the steemit chat for someone to translate your article for you.
There's always a way you will just have to find it and no worries, if Steemit can forgive another plagiarist they could of course do that for you, too.
Keep writing and are you Russian or Korean? Cause this is tagged kr which stands for Korean? If you are perhaps @clayop could help you with translations? If you are Russian, ask someone for help when they have time.
I wish you all the best.

It is very warm and usefull reply. Take my upvote plz.

Fight on my friend! Carry on!!

It's a battle, but a worthwhile fight. Work hard, use your own unique perspective. I create everything on my blog including the pictures. Sometimes the effort goes unnoticed. I just don't give up. Each day I inch closer and closer to my goals. When I become satisfied, I stop being satisfied and push harder.

if you do not know eglish well, try russian! it is about to start on 15th of october ( tomorrow) and first authors will be rewarded somehow. just try different ways, man:)

차를 파셨으니 후일 집을사시게 되길 바라면서~

You are the best @jackkang

I can see you can write when you need to. This post is all "YOU". You can stay away from "copy&paste" because you can write. Use your own words to tell people about what you have read. You can also ask someone to check your grammar/spelling before you post it. This is good practice for you.

LOL Cheer up my friend. Let's keep steeming with own articles good luck!!

Thanks for upvoting my riddle now. Up voted

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