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Most of people might think, "What will happen if I live on ocean." Most of people will say it's dumb to think people living on ocean. Their idea is understandable, tremendous amount of money, inadequate technology, unprepared ethics. However, some people did this dumb job. I introduce, Seasteading.

Lots of people will think as I mentioned, "It's ridiculous!", but paradoxically, google's engineer: who is one of the most intelligent person in the world, designed this work. Jump into the main story, what is Seasteading? Seasteading means -as I mentioned- living on the ocean.

But there is another intention: to make perfect society. People always demanded perfect society which called Utopia, and the socialism countries were made. But for example, North Korea where Kim-jong-in is ruling, people is starving to death, poor infrastructure, and people are abused.

Maybe this example shows it seems to be impossible, but a new idea came, Seasteading. This idea is to live on large boats on the ocean. For example, in South Korea there is Saebitdongdong island.

Like this Seatsteading is opposing to make lots of small countries instead of one huge country. This can make governments to compete to make better country because of lots of rivals. If one country has bad treatment to citizens, they can move to other countries which has better treatments. This can make dictators to be discouraged and the movement would continue even if one government failed.

But, Seasteading still have lots of problems, too. Lets see food and resource part. They cannot make resources by themselves. They need to make new ways to satisfy this demands. Also, how can they cope with crime activities? Maybe a dictator could gain control of limited resources and make people to slavery, too.

Seasteading seems lots of problem, but it's still being developed. It's technology problem would be resolved in few decades and other materials would be ready for dictator or crime activities. Whether it is good or bad it is a controversial theme and it may make better society. Thanks for reading and If you want more Seasteading informations, please go into You can see there ideas and staffs in there. See you at next trend post!


@hanter-kim nim, very good article. You're really doing your homework.
I live in a country where most places here is below sea level -
can you imagine?

Yet we don't sink - floods on some cities sometimes though.

If they learn from the Dutch I won't be surprised if SK becomes more than just their geographical size now. It can be done !

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