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in kr •  3 months ago

Hi. I’m sorry that I acted little rude on discord(I was mad like cheetah at that dawn)
but I don’t get it.

Is it wrong to be rewarded for works in the past?
recycling, actually right. ‘some’ of his post are definitely recycling. (recycling, what a great word choice) so what? what is wrong with that?
He is great writer but he couldn’t get any ‘freebies’ by writing on facebook/blog, except ‘likes’. but here, in Steemit, he get paid for what he wrote.
Is it wrong to be rewarded for his past works that have not received any ‘freebies’ before?
the fact that someone wants to leave this platform because there are dictatorship power that judge everything by their own rules!

also he getting curation because he deserves it and everyone would think like this, except bots and non-korean reader. as you said, he didn’t received rewards by investing in bidbots. he received rewards by curation, cuz his works are good and makes steemit better. its more precious.

come on. this anti-copy-pasting-plagiarist-whatever system is gone wrong so many times. and there is so many ppl who not familiar with discord or english. just don’t ignore this point.

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The proof of brain idea about Steemit bis about adding value to it by creating something new and unique for the platform.
It is explained here:

He is welcome to cross post his content and earn. Nothing wrong with that but he is likely to be detected by cheetah.
Community should be informed if someone created content solely for Steemit or just copying it from old writings.

He can just simply ignore the cheetah comments.