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Ancient mythology contains as much wisdom as there are years in the world. Each human characteristic takes form and life in a corresponding myth that surprises us, delights and exalts or obfuscates, displeases and degrades us. Through the deities and their kinship with humans, the ancient settlers of the earth left us a legacy of warning.

Wisdom has always been waiting like a treasure chest of precious gems, but although the gift to discover that treasure is within us, we do not know where we put the key to open it. For this, we follow the path of "Sisyphus" that, if we search Wikipedia, will tell us that he was a character in Greek mythology who founded the kingdom of Corinth and was so cunning that he had managed to deceive even the gods, being punished to climb , pushing with his hands, a heavy stone through a mountain, but never reaches the top, because he falls and must restart the task, every time. Which reveals, among other things, that the deception and "the lie has short legs" and all bad action has its punishment.

However, we must not fail to recognize that the punishment is human invoice and divine award to print a seal of value. As ineffective as it is absurd, punishment becomes an abstraction that, sometimes, is not related to sin and correction; pretending to show a teaching that the offender does not always assimilate, since it is known that each person touches different backgrounds and looks at reality with one eye instead of two. Correspondingly, any attempt at uniformity is useless, as the philosopher Albert Camus impels us to think, when he concluded: "To take the absurd seriously means to accept the contradiction between reason and desire in an irrational world." Nobody changes because others want it, they do it of their own free will, when they hit bottom or their internal growth generates it, but only a moral support will allow to prevail before the disproportionate weight that, for some, represents life.

This reflective wave moves in the poem presented below and to which I did not find a better name than that of the mythological character referred to:


Caught in deception,
our lives succumb
before the black night of oblivion.
Weaving symbol
on the tangled path
of the dead.

Who stirs the night
and turns it into a bolt
starry against secrets
of ancestors?
Sisyphus dares
and he is condemned by self-confidence
with what looks.

The summit awaits you,
but wandering clouds
seduce him and neglect
his scepter, running away
from himself
and its veiled truths.

Who will cheat,
but to himself?
The stone awaits
and upload it again.
How much more will it support.

its lightness and vainglory?
Who is cheating?
To the stone?
To the slope?
To punishment?
To the gods?

So cunning and absurd,
always return to the beginning.
So much impulse, so much desire
to complete your cycle,
but it can more
the natural bone,
human or mestizo.

Sisyphus expands its arts
and falls, falls again
and it goes up again.

Original from @zeleiracordero
September, 12 de 2018

The images are of Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

1 - Ancient sculpture
2 - Beetle God
3 - Fractal
4 - Mystical fantasy


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