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RE: The end of the North Korean Kim Jong Un regime is nearing its end.

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The situation vis a vis Korea seems to have no happy endings I can conceive of. While Kim has previously signaled his willingness to denuclearize, I'm not particularly confident he can actually do so. He has also signaled his desire to unite Korea, which remains an insoluble cipher to me, given the Megalians and the import of China. I cannot see how these forces can be reconciled.

Regarding China and the US, I am also unclear on who is 'winning'. The recent announcement of reductions in tariffs seems rather a unilateral capitulation than a victory for the US. Perhaps it's a victory for globalism instead of the US, as that seems to better represent who and what is winning. Not sure any incipient starvation and deprivation of the people of North Korea can be mitigated at this time. As sad as that is, it's less sad than the prospect of N. Korea overrun by mercenaries as are Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan today.

I have to agree with @patriamreminisci regarding tags. 'north' isn't something folks are likely to search looking for posts like yours, while 'northkorea' is. Same with 'nuclear' and 'weapons'. Also, there are various communities that may represent your niche on Steem going forward, and having a look at popular tags might be useful to you as well. This is regarding 'news', which is one of the most popular tags on Steem, which would help drag eyes to your content. Some communities that I always include tags for on my posts are 'palnet' and 'informationwar', which you seem to have reasons to include for this post. You might also have a look at those communities to see if those are potentially useful to you.



thank you for your well response! but i am not good at english.

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