The end of the North Korean Kim Jong Un regime is nearing its end.

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In the economic war between the United States and China, China is losing.
China is now trapped in a US-led economic blockade and has surrendered to the United States because of its collapse.
With China's defeat in the economic war with the United States, the collapse of the regime of North Korea's Kim Jong Un became certain.

Up until now, North Korea has been confronted with the United States by nuclear development, with China's support, and China has given up on North Korea.
Kim Jong-un is in dire need of seeking mercy from the United States.
North Korea has no money, no oil and no food to survive the winter.
If the United States does not break the economic blockade on North Korea, many North Koreans will die this winter.
So, Kim Jong-eun is calling on Trump for a summit.
If North Korea does not give up its nuclear program this year as the US demands, the Kim Jong-un regime will collapse.
If Kim Jong-un doesn't get US help, his life will be threatened this year.

South Koreans, however, worry that if North Korea comes to an end, it may shoot nuclear missiles at South Korea.
So, I hope Kim Jong Un will meet with Trump this year and give up the nuclear weapons.


For tagging purposes, it works better to put "northkorea" and "nuclearweapons" as one word. Just FYI.
Nice article. I've come to similar conclusions (though I think the Kim regime has a few more cards to play before they finally sputter out). However, you'll get more attention if you cite the sources of your information.

Thank you for your advice! I don't know tagging because I'm new to Steemit. Please help me a lot in the future.

The situation vis a vis Korea seems to have no happy endings I can conceive of. While Kim has previously signaled his willingness to denuclearize, I'm not particularly confident he can actually do so. He has also signaled his desire to unite Korea, which remains an insoluble cipher to me, given the Megalians and the import of China. I cannot see how these forces can be reconciled.

Regarding China and the US, I am also unclear on who is 'winning'. The recent announcement of reductions in tariffs seems rather a unilateral capitulation than a victory for the US. Perhaps it's a victory for globalism instead of the US, as that seems to better represent who and what is winning. Not sure any incipient starvation and deprivation of the people of North Korea can be mitigated at this time. As sad as that is, it's less sad than the prospect of N. Korea overrun by mercenaries as are Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan today.

I have to agree with @patriamreminisci regarding tags. 'north' isn't something folks are likely to search looking for posts like yours, while 'northkorea' is. Same with 'nuclear' and 'weapons'. Also, there are various communities that may represent your niche on Steem going forward, and having a look at popular tags might be useful to you as well. This is regarding 'news', which is one of the most popular tags on Steem, which would help drag eyes to your content. Some communities that I always include tags for on my posts are 'palnet' and 'informationwar', which you seem to have reasons to include for this post. You might also have a look at those communities to see if those are potentially useful to you.


thank you for your well response! but i am not good at english.

Also, there is another article I read here saying China and Russia are desperate to try and get sanctions lifted from North Korea so the people can survive.
I'm guessing China can no longer provide them with food, given that they can no longer even feed themselves.
If China and Russia fail (and since the vote is going to the security council, they'll have to get the US to agree to it), then it looks like North Korea's situation is indeed as dire as you say.

Thank you for your reply!

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