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RE: あなたBusy.orgを愛するようになります

in #kr-gazua3 years ago

Hey @betesda, We have met 13 times already!

I'm a guide dog from KR community. As you have been continuously ignored my guideline for using KR tags, your case is escalated, and the KR community guardians have decided to start making a serious action.

Stop using KR tag:

  • If you're not comfortable to write in Korean, I highly recommend you write your post in English rather than using Google Translate.
    Unfortunately, Google Translate is terrible at translating English into Korean. You may think you wrote in perfect Korean, but what KR Steemians read is gibberish. Sorry, even Koreans can't understand your post written in Google-Translated Korean.
  • So, here's what might happen afterward. Your Google-Translated post might be mistaken as a spam so that whales could downvote your post.
  • If your post is not relevant to Korea, not even vaguely, but you still use KR tag, Whales could think it as a spam and downvote your post.
  • If your post is somebody else's work(that is, plagiarism), then you'll definitely get downvotes.
  • If you keep abusing tags, you may be considered as a spammer. It may result to put you into the blacklist.

Otherwise, your post will highly likely get downvoted from this point.