Fun at the Local Splash Park

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I've decided recently to take a look at some of the parks and playgrounds in my area. I'm going to try and avoid parks that are not entirely public such as the ones that charge money or belong to schools, churches and apartment complexes. I'll also try to avoid provincial parks or nature preserves. I'm going to look at municipal parks.


The first park is called Samnae Park (샘내공원), it is located in the beautiful CheonCheon2-dong neighborhood which is in the North end of Suwon City. This park is an urban park and it is of medium size. It is right next to a large supermarket and shopping area. Asides from being an urban retreat for the local community, it is perfect for mom or dad to take the kids to after shopping or while the other is shopping.

There are trees and grass, but that isn't the main feature. The main feature is the super fun splash pad. I can't say this is very useful in winter because the playground is designed mainly around water.


There are a few water slides and water cannons, there are waterfalls and the bucket. It looks like kids can have a lot of fun here. Also, the water is only about 6 inches deep so a life jacket is unnecessary.

A lot of children were fully clothed, some of the special kids were wearing lifejackets and swimming caps which was quite funny. There is actually a voluntary lifeguard on duty to look out for kids who are breaking the rules or in trouble. I can't image there are many rules which can be broken, however.


I can imagine the water is disgusting because a lot of people were wearing shoes and clothing in there. It was extremely hot and sweaty, too. Hopefully, these children have all their vaccinations because if you like to catch communicable diseases, this is the place for you. Actually from what I noticed the water was barely chlorinated. I can imagine after a few hours it gets so nasty, I wouldn't want my kids anywhere near it. With that in mind, it is best to bring them at 10 AM or whenever it first turns on for the day.

Thankfully there is a bathroom in the park and drinking fountains and vending machines, as well.


I think it's open from 10 to 8 during for the 6 high weeks of summer and 12 to 6 for a couple of border weeks. Actually, I visited it at 8 PM a couple of minutes after it shut down for the day. There were still puddles and kids were splashing and having fun in the filthy water. Actually, I think the local ponds and swamps are cleaner. There was an image of a frog I did like.

I did see some people nearby with dogs. This is clearly against the rules. I know it is your precious baby, but dogs belong in dog pools or better yet natural lakes, they tend to be even dirtier than the dirtiest children. Do not bring your dog to the splash park, please. The volunteer watcher on duty seemed to be only concerned with idiots bringing their dogs to that part of the park.


Actually, the only rules maintained were no dogs, RC toys, bicycles, alcohol or smoking at that end of the park. The other end is the place for that sort of fun. There is also basketball and Jokgu (족구) which is like tennis soccer on the other end. It is for people who aren't in middle school or younger or don't have children with them. It is also more useful in winter, spring and fall. There are also outdoor exercise machines which are common everywhere and a little strange, but the older folk love them.

The park also sucks for dogs since it is too small. If you take them off the leash, you will likely get a fine since there are cameras and signs saying it is illegal (people are afraid of your pooch and it's not a biter until some kid smacks it).


I do think, however, that minus the splash pad the park is average. There is a bit of nature, but there are much better parks not too far away so unless you just want a quick walk after dinner in a nearby restaurant or live right next door, come during summer to splash.


Overall, I think this is an awesome park and I would definitely recommend stopping by with young children in the summer. Just remember to shower after (they have outdoor showers for a quick rinse - using soap is discouraged) and tell them not to drink too much of it or stick their heads under the water unnecessarily, maybe they will listen.

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It just sounded soo bad that it's barely chlorinated, I can't imaging swimming there, it just seems so unhygienic. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day

Fortunately the water splashing out os clean, but I do feel bad for the children wallowing in the puddles. The worst part is since the parents complained, they removed a lot of the chlorine.

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Good that there is a volunteer lifeguard around, as one never knows with kids.
Bad that the chlorine is not up to standard and you are right, this is absolutely no place for dogs.
Great that you have such a concern for the health of the children my friend.

A lot of people don't like chlorine because it is a mild irritant. Also when it reacts with urine it smells bad. I guess they are willing to risk a bad case of ecoli or worse? Bottom line we can't have safe public pools without the stuff.

The life guard probably doesn't deal with drownings, I think he is there to prevent the worst kinds of rule breaking amd other injuries. They also tend to enforce a 10 min sitdown period every 30 minutes to give the kids a break.

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How many private parks are there in your part of the world? It seems strange to me because all of the parks where I'm from are public. We have a few playground parks in Canada, but you wouldn't really go there instead of a municipal park (but they are still public though). Within walking distance, I think there's probably like 2 splashparks, a few gardens, a dog park, and probably more than 5 regular nature parks.

Most of the resorts, apartment complexes and condominium units have private parks. Then there are amusement parks, private campgrounds, country clubs, privately own sports facilities, beaches outdoor pools, gardens, etc. I guess some of the private parks just use alternative names but they are places for outdoor recreation. Maybe people don't tend to thinknof a place with a wall around it, and security or admission fees as a park.
Although perhaps not as common in Canada, they certainly exist there, too.

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Yea come to think of it I think we call them more campgrounds here but we definitely have some private areas. I’m lucky that I moved to Nova Scotia and they really have so many beautiful public spaces.

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Very clean and well maintained, I like it)

It is well maintained and It looks clean. However, I have concerns about the water quality.

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Oh this takes me back to when my kids we’re young! We used to love water parks.

In my opinion they keep getting better and better. When I was youmg, it was just a shallow pool and maybe a beach ball.