Huge Komodo News Coming

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Komodo Platform has kept quiet for some time, but is coming back soon with a bang. In short, we are appearing at conferences all around the world in 2017 and 2018 and we have a large announcement coming next week.

Tune in to listen it live.


Our platform capabilities are enormous; the only problem we had was how to get it all across. We have now come up with an elegant solution that will simplify everything.

This transition period will take some time, but our team is working hard preparing to unveil this shining new platform to the world. All our technologies will be neatly consolidated under the Komodo Platform umbrella, including Jumblr and BarterDEX among many others.

Our team is busy putting the finishing touches on all the content. The website will then be relaunched, and the relaunch date to be announced shortly.


Komodo Platform’s BarterDEX is already creating quite a buzz. Our technology is based on interoperability rather than proxy tokens. It is a true blockchain innovation.

In the video below, PTYtrader demonstrates how to buy KOMODO from BarterDEX by using an alpha-stage GUI.

Support our campaign and spread the word about our capabilities. Share our videos and the BarterDEX landing page with our whole crypto community; everyone should know what we’re up to.

In addition, if you’re on bitcointalk you can join our ongoing signature campaign.


We are fully booked for the rest of the year. As well as our European events, we’re also heading to Asia and have a few conferences lined up in North America.

Next week we’ll be in Stockholm. If you’re around that area, be sure to stop by.

Then on October 3rd, we’re off to Barcelona and the world’s leading blockchain conference. You’ll find us there with a new team member; more info to come soon.


At the Stockholm conference we’ll be making a live webcast where all will be revealed about what we’ve been quietly working on.

Our whole team is hugely excited about the future of Komodo and its realizing its potential. Our platform is slowly heating up and we’re also shifting our marketing up to a new level.

The live podcast will start once the countdown ticker on reaches zero. We hope to see you on Friday.


Great stuff here!! Long time kmd supporter. These guys work non-stop! I figure the asian market will love kmd and supernet tech.

here is translation(to Korean) of this announcement :)

Very interesting coin, I hope you will make it more easy to use for simple users, I mean pear to pear exchange.

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The project looks really interesting! First 200 KMDs in the wallet :p

Best wishes :D

I hope the fed gov. doesn't muck thing up with the cryptos !!

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