Kombucha Makin' Lovers

in kombucha •  5 months ago

We love making our own Kombucha! Elijah and I were doing large production batches, because Elijah mentioned that he "wanted to have a Kombucha every day". We did this for a couple of months and then the Kombucha making kinda went stagnant for the both of us. We ended up having to make completely new batches.

With that, my stubborn self wanted to take things into my own hands and make a batch of my own. I decided to go smaller and add more sugar. Unfortunately, I think too much sugar was added and it is kinda just a waiting game now. I found my recipe on Youtube and followed the recipe like it was stated. Currently, it's super sugary and I am kinda hoping it will taper off and help out with the carbonation. Elijah is already going for his second fermentation after only about 2 weeks of a first fermentation!





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Very nice, i hope to make my own too just by starting from a kombucha bottle!