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RE: @AdamKokesh, @BenFarmer: Alleged Attempts to Hack, Dox, Harass and Stalk me, using a Professional Cyber Security Expert.

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Did Ben Farmer verify the number? If so, this threat can be formally investigated. My partner is a high-level cyber security expert and his conjecture on the alleged cyber expert in this cell chat (white text on blue) is that it's not at all credible, and a cyber expert would not sound like an over-zealous script kiddy in a prairie back bedroom. CS colleagues are not referred to as 'programmers' either. Looks to be someone (amateur) is trying to spook you because the terminology is all wrong. You wouldn't say "I am going to send out an encrypted email to my team" - ah ha ha! He had to chuckle there, forgive him. However as a precaution, make sure you use individually strong passwords on all your accounts and where possible use two factor authentication.


Who is your source??

A high level security expert would not use open cell for this kind of operative either. It's all just dumb play.


So how do you know for certain that this communication took place over "open cell", and assuming that it did how does invalidate the communication? Are we to believe that cybersecurity professionals don't use cell phones, and if not what do they use?

Agreed, Just little script kiddy talk... your partner has an eagle eye...

It’s not fake as far as I can tell, and I saw evidence I cannot divulge, as I cannot divulge the source. It should be noted that this person was not speaking to farmer in the standard professional capacity.

This person was overzealous, though, and even admitted as much. You’re right there.

The number is verified in the comments above. Only other option is the screens are faked, which seems like a long shot.


I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but I do agree. These texts look awkward and clunky. They read like poorly written dialogue from a first year writer, trying to write cool spy stuff.

If it's fake why are they not responding? Too busy laughing at their joke? I seriously doubt it.

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face...

Also its obvious that Ben Farmer initiated the contact with the cybersecurity professional. Being that Ben Farmer is not a cybersecurity professional how would he of initiated contact with a cybersecurity professional to begin with? Are we to believe that Ben Farmer knew how to use some kind of cybersecurity bat signal to reach out to this person? How do non-cybersecurity professionals contact cybersecurity professionals when they want to hire them?

THIS. Indeed it appears they may have reached out to amateur script kiddies, but the main point is that they are allegedly making the attempts. Very pathetic, especially if true that Steemit is their primary source of income.

This individual is no amateur. See comment below.

I have just seen the individuals credentials in a major online publication. The individual also is willing to take video of the phone to prove the screenshots are real.

The conversation took place over signal, but Famer forgot to set the messages to “disappearing.”

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