@AdamKokesh, @BenFarmer: Alleged Attempts to Hack, Dox, Harass and Stalk me, using a Professional Cyber Security Expert.

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EDIT: @benfarmer’s phone number now corroborated. See comments.

UPDATE: 16 plus hours and not a peep from the team. @BenFarmer has deleted my Facebook comment asking about this, and is active and posting.

UPDATE 2: If anyone tries to claims Farmer wasn’t part of the campaign team in May when the messages were sent, point them here: https://medium.com/@markyarm001/crypto-for-president-2020-embracing-blockchain-at-the-libertarian-convention-1a2592d941fd?source=linkShare-88ec2bccf3e0-1538787083

A whistleblower who works for a high profile cyber security firm has just reached out to me, notifying me that a member of the Kokesh 2020 campaign recently sought services on behalf of the campaign, and requested that this individual "take him out" in regard to yours truly. The whistleblower wishes to remain anonymous for safety, and I am going to respect that wish. Once this individual found that I was the actual victim, and that the Kokesh team was engaging in manipulation, and attempting to aggress against an innocent person, communication was cut.

The Kokesh 2020 campaign allegedly reached out to the cyber security professional in the interested of doxxing, deplatforming, and potentially even stalking/hacking me. I have screenshots with a number at the top that is said to be that of @BenFarmer, Adam's campaign manager. Can someone verify this number for me?

Why would they want to dox me, hack me, and even physically stalk/harass me? I guess I had become a thorn in their side by writing articles and quoting Kokesh back to himself constantly, as a voice of dissent. They developed an amusing theory that I had built some sort of "army" on Steemit, to take away Kokesh's donations/delegations. The truth is, Kokesh's scammy ass practices got attention through my posts and whistle blowing, and donations were pulled back.

Why would the community get mad, if I were just a "troll?"

Who is Kokesh's "Social Media Director," by the way?"


Gathering license plates, watching my YouTube vids frame-by-frame. Also, I am not sure who the "bigger target" is, but now we know this type of cyber atttack probably isn't just a one-off thing.

If this number is @BenFarmer, and you WERE able to reach me physically, what were you planning on doing, Ben?

Finally a shot from FB Messenger, allegedly from farmer. The whistleblower attempts to tell farmer that kids are off limits for these attacks, but sometimes get dragged in. Farmer allegedly says he’s uncomfortable with that, then says to just “keep that to yourself” when he mistakenly believes the hacker wants to also do something to my child. Pretty fucking sickening.


To be clear. Once the white hat hacker looked into me, and realized I was not engaging in any unethical practice, I was notified and an apology was made. This is creepy shit. @BenFarmer, is/was this your number? @AdamKokesh, why would you do this?

If this is "Team Kokesh," I suggest you step back, and publicly apologize for threatening the safety and security of myself and my family by attempting to virtually and potentially physically "take me out" (allegedly said in a phone conversation to the informant) via harrassment. Please address this immediately.

Here is the LINK TO MY FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO POST regarding this issue.

There are actually many more sordid details surrounding Adam, Ben, and the Kokesh team, from other sources as well, but those will come later, as I can corroborate and verify.

-Graham Smith



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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Hmmm, do I count as a "bigger target"?

I'm curious who that is as well. This makes you wonder how many other past victims there are as well. How many times have they asked to have this done? How many times did it get done?

Ah! You probably are the bigger target!

Or maybe I'm just the "additional troll."

I think I might be the "additional troll."
I hope so, it would give me a little satisfaction to know I was a burr in their saddle.

yeah you trolly MFer you. That's been my principle complaint all along....not. :-)

Thought about messaging you. Wanted to make sure it was all corroborated first. But yep, Holy crap, indeed.

If this doesn't discredit him and his crew completely, I don't know what would. This is disgusting and disgraceful. It is exactly what I'd expect from a politician too.

Kudos to the security expert for being ethical and doing the right thing as well. I applaud them!

For those that don't understand the reference to license plates, let me explain as a PI. There are services and databases around the globe that people can use to locate people based on license plates.

If I see a license plate in a photo or video of yours in the USA for example, I can go to a service, put in that license plate, and it will return to me everywhere that vehicle has been seen in the recent past.

Side note: your license plate is even worse, and an unethical PI or corrupt LEO could pull your plate info and get your personal information right away.

Now, for the random plates in images, consider for a second what that gets someone. It tells them a ton of information from your routes, your possible work location, and more. They can use those plates to narrow down where you live too. In the wrong hands, such data is extremely dangerous.

TLO in the USA is linked to countless cameras, and those cameras are sending images of plates non stop. The images include location. Then the service sells that information for a profit. LEO's have even more powerful tools and access.

Please keep these things in mind when you share images and videos online with license plates within them.

Edit: "I don't have any other way to reach him other than digitally" means what exactly, hmmmm???

Thanks, Finnian. Almost don’t want to know what kind of weird shit they were going to do to “take me out.” Bit unsettled at present. Thanks for the info/explanation.

And yes. @BenFarmer, in what physical way were you going to “reach me,” I wonder?

I was looking at his account earlier. He has no activity for about four months? The same is truth of Kokesh? Maybe they disappeared soon after they tried to pull this stunt. I'm not sure, but I doubt we'll get a response on here. Maybe they will respond on fascistbook though. We'll see!

Looks like the Kokesh account here has resteemed something since this was made public. Not a peep anywhere addressing this, though.

Thank you for that information. I assumed cops had access, but didn't know the extend of collectible information to others. I've been careless about controlling that type of info, but now I'll surely be careful !

This is some shady shit right here. Regardless of any beef you two had, this is taking it way too far and is down right pitiful. If this is what it appears to be, they owe you a public apology. I'm glad someone at the security firm did the right thing and got in touch with you, cause this is wrong.
Stay strong man.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Interested to see how they will handle this. I knew Adam was into this type of shit, and capable of it, but not really the full extent. Funny as a one time die-hard fan to come full circle and realize he's just another slimy politician. Ah well.

I appreciate the support, @v4vapid.

Sorry to get Biblical (especially since I'm not a Christian), but this quote sprang to mind: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits."

Indeed. And no problem. I’m not religious anymore either, but think in Biblical terms a lot. Some of those sayings are just fucking bang on. In this case, it would seem it applies in spades.

Whether or not you are religious there is a spiritual war. Prophesies exist because of a supreme creator.

Whether or not that is true (you don’t know what I believe at all, so these things turn me off) the fact remains that the issue this post raises has still not been addressed.

I was just following the comment threat. Truth is the ultimate law. I am thinking it could be above loving thy neighbor because without truth there can be nothing else.

I never have claimed to know what you believe. I just think maybe you haven't had an OBE. I haven't but do secondarily research the subject.

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I'm so grateful to you for exposing his disgusting BS for so long now, I'm truly sorry you are in danger because of it. Man, fuck that guy!

Kokesh is/was a black ops mercenary so be careful with that piece of shit. He supposedly works for the rooskies.

The individual they were using was no small beans, either. Serious, international cyber hacking, high profile clients, etc. Luckily this individual had an ethical framework of some sort, realized they were being manipulative and dishonest.

Spooky indeed, man.

Well first of all. I know you. You certainly do DISAGREE with people. That is your right.

This kind of hits one of my big pet peeves.

I really get pissed off when people label someone a troll simply because the person does not agree with them and they cannot convince them to agree.

That is not a troll.

A troll does what they do JUST for a rise. An easy way to tell if a troll is a troll is to agree with them a bit, and see if they flip flop and change their narrative so they can keep getting under your skin.

These days "troll" is a go to way of attacking someone and trying to justify it simply because they disagree.

It is just a small step from that to full on censorship and feeling justified about being a censoring tyrant.

Other than that... I don't know anything about this current situation other than what I read here.

EDIT: Resteemed. This was brought to my attention by a fellow #informationwar member. We're going to make sure the rest of our members know about this.

Thank you. Emphatically. “Troll” is being used to marginalize and silence too many. It is, of course, not an argument.

I quit watching Kokesh more than 6 months ago. First off, a true anarchist would not run for office of an institution he doesn't believe in. Another dumb move is to drive around with a pound of weed in your RV when you know the authorities are watching (why supply them with something they can use against you?). Last but not least, the blind support that his videos got from an entity that is supposed to be neutral in regard to all it's users irritated me to no end; at that time I couldn't get away from his videos if I tried.

As far as doxing critics: They should just remember that 2 can play that game... Besides, being doxed can greatly increase one's exposure and have the reverse effect :)

Going after someone's Kids/Family is entirely unacceptable and it means they already lost.

Keep us posted. Greetings!

Cheers, @onnovocks. Agreed on all counts. You have no idea how much it means to me that some people still have some sense out there. Thanks, man.

I have to agree with everyone else. This is some seriously fucked up shit. Sorry you are being exposed to this evil for simply stating your opinion on someone seeking political power.

Good googly moogly. This is low, even for pond scum like them. You've definitely struck a nerve, my friend.

You know I obviously back you 100% with all this garbage. The threats of doxxing, though, especially when your kid is mentioned, takes it to a whole other level for me. I had my share of doxxing last year, and I believe it to be one of the most heinous, cowardly acts an individual can engage in. Those who use it as a weapon are literally saying that they don't care what happens to you and yours, but they feel absolved because they aren't doing the dirty work. Fucking despicable.

Stay strong, brother. You know I've got your back.

Thanks brother. Good googly moogly indeed. And you’re right about the doxxing. Heinous is the word. I’m sure what you faced was intense as hell. Luckily I’m thousands of miles away and that kind of shit takes extra money and effort. Still, it’s disturbing. The individual they approached to “take me out” is pretty high up there and connected in the cyber security world, it would seem. Would rather have those goofballs grow a pair and...I dunno...talk and debate...and not be miserable, violent leeches?

But alas, this is about lining their pockets. I fucked with that, and they respond in their sad little way.

The problem with doxxing is that distance isn't necessarily an issue. All it takes is one psycho, who DOES happen to live/be nearby, to take that info and cause you some harm. They don't even have to have a dog in the fight. Could just be some lunatic looking for a new target. That's what makes the act of doxxing so despicable to me. These assholes live in a digital bubble where real world consequences are a foreign concept. They're some of the lowest of the low.

That is true. Very true.

Sorry. I tried to warn people when they proved to me they were running a scam not a campaign, no one wants to believe it. Thanks for standing up to them.

Wowsers this is some sinister stuff if accurate, i will resteem for the purposes of news coverage.

Thank you. More information emerging. Everyone being blocked/censored. No word from Farmer or campaign for 3 days. Official Press Security blocking those who ask and calling me a "troll."

As some of you may know I spent the better part of 2 years as Adams lieutenant, producer, cohost, content creator, national event coordinator, social media strategist, apologist and “ long time “ best friend, I can confirm that Larken Rose critique of Adam is 100% accurate.
While I must admit I had some great times being a professional activist with Adam,
the negative impact he eventually had on my life would have made a weaker man commit suicide.
Today I wont be talking about those issues because I own a percentage of my own victimisation in those circumstances.
but I did put together a list of things you might want to know.
Top 10 sketchy reason you should unfollow Adam Kokesh :

  1. Adam helped Rob Gray steal millions of dollars from libertarians in the mulligan mint fiasco.
  2. Adam told the public that him and I were "long time best friends" when in reality we had only met a few months before.
    3.While Adam claims to be a combat wounded veteran he admitted to me that he saw no real combat while he was in the military.
  3. Adam didn’t pay his crew members even tho he had plenty of money to go on multiple tinder dates a day
  4. Adam threatened crew members with state prosecution for issues that were raised by his own shortcomings
  5. Adam took money to star in the anti libertarian propaganda movie “ alongside night”
  6. Adam consistently misappropriates donation money
  7. Adam often violated the property rights of his crew members
  8. Adam criticised RON PAUL during his 2012 run for president for taking donations knowing he wouldn’t win the election, now Adam is willing to destroy a families life for a campaign where he knows he wont win the election
  9. While doing the podcast in Los Angeles I had a client of mine come to the studio for a meeting, Adams dog Baloo ran over to greet her, Adam screamed at the dog to come back, when Baloo didn’t return, Adam rushed over to the dog and kicked out his legs sending him flying through the air landing on his head on the concrete, my client ran out of the house and I never heard from her again.
    People continuing to support Adam at this point should be dodged like fluoride.

It just goes to prove that Kokesh is no different from the scum he wishes to replace...
What a cunt!

Hear hear.


Maybe worse. :) Hiding behind labels and ideals he clearly does not actually ascribe to.

EDIT: LOL - Well I guess that is the same. :P

shocked while reading this.. this is just nasty and i'm sorry to see that you were potentially targeted in this way - if the allegations are true- I'm eager to hear any sort of response to the accusations?

Nothing. My comments politely asking Farmer about it were deleted and I was blocked. My source is willing to record video of the Signal app on the phone to prove the messages are real. Ben’s number has already been verified


so glad that guy sent you screenshots!

You should get whatever details and evidence you can get at the most detailed level you can. It may be important.

Yes. Have you seen what has been presented so far?

Yeah. It has been pretty sad.

A lot of people wondering if it is spoofed that I talk to. Then I point out that when people that know them ask instead of getting denial they get unfriended.

That is a pretty big red flag.

It'd be easy to fake anything like this these days. So we need to consider motives, and the personality and record of the people involved.

I could see no reason you'd fake this, and really no way it would benefit you.

So I resteemed it and have passed the word that I believe it is highly probable what you are saying is accurate.

That is about as good as you'll get from me.

I try not to be absolutely certain of anything.
Always leave room to change my mind when confronted with new information.

So at the moment I see your story as highly probable. :) ,... and disturbing.

Good to reserve judgement without complete info, however ;)

Hell. I'd say I rarely go 100% on anything. Though I may go 99.9999%

I always try to leave room that some piece of information I never knew before can completely torpedo something I was confident was true. :)

I have more evidence. But am holding it for now.

Yeah I read that. My comment was intended to say GET AS MUCH as you can and as much detail as you can.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share this outside of Steemit. I'm pretty close with members of the LP Mises Caucus and they would be glad to pass this crap along.

I'm on it too!

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.51.55 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.51.27 AM.png

TYFYS ✌🏽✨💚

You are more than welcome, keep up the great work.

PS I got this floating around too, and will be sharing in plenty of fb groups later as well. The word must get out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.33.32 PM.png

Go for it, and thanks.

Disabling the state monopoly on violence and huge covert manipulation of the population through a process of covert manipulation of the population with a hint of threats of violence? Sounds legit.

That’s what I was thinking.

I maintain that the called for changes can only come from those who distance themselves from all forms of real world violence and implied violence. If Adam had nothing to do with this and it was only his assistant's actions Adam must immediately fire him, but I feel that it is likely the culture involved is shared among them both.

This is what the hacker told me was going to be done to me:

“Our goals would have been to cause you personal, financial, and interpersonal pain and loss.
Tactics are based on several premises.
1. Social judgments are premature and are based on impressions.
2. Truthful data will validate questionable data.
3. Metadata when combined from multiple public realms give access or capability to gain private data.
4. The privacy of one's family is often not a precise cluster but a bell curve indicating a lot of multilateral attack vectors.
5. Support systems are fragile economies and interpersonal support systems have strings attached
6. Escape requires giving up everything
Strategies progressively follow a 5 step course
1) data mining from public and private sources including but not limited to financial data, professional data, social data, family data, nontraditional metadata, darknet data, stolen data,
2) reputation manipulation through cloning of personalities, dessimination of misinformation, character assassination,
3) redaction of control through gaslighting, penetration into your systems, access to your interpersonal relationships, digital kidnapping,
4) adding pressure to your life through false challenges to your life processes, disruption of your family's sense of security, induced depression, and career sabatage
5) maximum damage through personality manipulation, undeterred threats of violence, induced self violence, induced violence to others, loss of job, family, money, influence, power, prestige, reputation, values, and any other accessible form of loss.”

I am highly surprised that such actions would be admitted to publicly by someone offering traded services since I am fairly sure that, at least in Britain, numerous of these would be classed as either serious offenses or would be able to be framed as such in the correct context. Emotional harassment springs to mind as a minimum.

I have seen this done to others who dissent from the narrative that certain groups wish to maintain publicly - it is not pretty, but at the same time there is only so much that can be done if those involved are aware of the situation and have taken steps already to ensure they are non dependent on others and prevailing top-down control hierarchies (i.e. are self determined and self reliant). All that said, the last points sound fairly extreme to the point of being militarised levels of attack which suggest those involved to be psychopathic and deranged - so who knows how far they might go.

Right. They were not admitted to publicly.

When I said 'publicly' I was including admitting to the potential victim, since they are especially likely to go public.
I suggest considering that this is a form of social engineering, exploiting you and designed to make Adam look bad - but I don't know for sure.

Have you read the entire story?

Holy shit batman this is heavy and he ain't even president yet.
He would have us all rounded up into FEMA camps before we can Escape to Mexico. Oh, forgot there's a big wall in the way, no escape.

No shit. I've been saying that since the beginning - keep them out? or to keep all of us tax slaves in?

Lol, yep. Pretty Stalin-esque. Imagine these fools with power.

A nightmare for sure.

Another member of the campaign team, @marcus.pulis “addresses” allegations:

Has anyone shared this with @jeffberwick yet? @jamesc?

Yes, I've just seen this. I think there are a lot of questions here and a lot of circumstancial/vague evidence at a quick first glance. I think Adam needs to respond to this and I'll await his response.

It's been over 24 hours, and so far the only response I've seen from Ben or Adam has been Ben unfriending and blocking a bunch of people on Facebook, including me. If someone had FAKED those screen shots, Adam and Ben would be screaming that from the rooftops. (And Graham now has more proof that they were genuine.) And the only other option I can see is very not good. People might disagree on whether politics can ever be used to achieve freedom, but Stalinesque bullshit like this, trying to use harassment, sabotage and thuggery to silence and destroy dissenting or critical opinions ... that's just fucked up. (By the way, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I wasn't the "bigger target" Ben was talking about going after next.)


Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 17.10.30.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 17.11.34.png

Ya know what I haven't seen ANYONE in the Kokesh camp say yet, or even imply? "Wow, if this is true, that's really horrible." Instead, they demonize the victim of intentional and premeditated harassment and terrorism, which didn't happen only because the harasser they went to has a conscience (which is both very comforting and super ironic). These people don't even know how to PRETEND to be decent human beings.

Wish more people could understand this. Normal people don’t “answer” like this.

He may also have no choice, if he cut a deal somewhere, which, of course, would be extremely damning, which, of course, would be extremely damning.

That screenshot above... Marcus is the one actually "trolling".

They found a message they knew would resonate for the people and instead of actually believing and practicing what that message is about they instead are using it as a leg up to power.

This is not surprising. We should always see this as a possibility, and even likely in many cases. Those that run for higher office don't tend to be people that don't want power. Sadly those that would do the best job, tend to not run. :)

What Marcus is doing there to you is an accurate representation of "trolling". You disagreeing is not the same thing. You challenging someone is not the same thing.

You said project, project, project. That was very apt in this case as while calling you a troll all he managed to do was troll.

I agree completely. This is a mess.

Still nothing from AK, save calling it “lies” and “hysteria” on Twitter.

Ben’s response:

They're still ignoring everyone. Any news from your side please?

What an absolute bag of horseshit. I've known Kokesh was a scumbag for a long time, but this is beyond the pale. Resteemed this for anyone following my feed to see just what human garbage this guy is.

Shit man, stay safe @kafkanarchy84 .. shocked that people would even comprehend the notion of bringing children into it, this has really gone too far! That said, most normal people are very protective towards children and so those words are bound to enrage all that read them and in essence galvanise people against such bullshit.

Thanks bro. I think they are basically goofy goons, but I've sensed the weird cruelty and kind of obtuse brutality in their camp for a while now. Creepy shit. I just wanted people to see it. It looks like maybe they are finally doing my job for me.

Oh brother, don't worry the community has your back. You did nothing wrong, showing his true face with evidence is not trolling, it's caring about the truth and the big scope mission.

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Thank you, man. 💚

I am curating and upvoting this. My reason for doing so is the evidence presented and reactions from those involved.

Stay safe!

This is just wrong. I watched your video on YouTUbe and every time it glitches, I kept thinking "OMG THEY'RE HACKING RIGHT NOW!" lol

I Tweeted out tagging you and AdamKokesh. Threats are immoral, it's just plain wrong. He needs to stop. A Libertarian should respect someone's freedom of speech, even if they disagree with them. You are not harassing him, you are exploring your theories based on evidence you found to voice your thoughts about him being a fraud. If people believe you over him, it's on them, if they believe him over you, that's on them. You are not telling them to stop following him, you are not telling people to donate not donate to him. You are alerting people of what you believe to be true. You didn't cost them anything.

Those screenshots anger me. I hate it when people are trolly like that. They are calling YOU the troll. No offense, but you don't quite fit the description.


Yep. They’re pissed because I repeated what they said, just louder. lol.

Thank you, @binkyprod

Damn Graham. That is hardcore. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Pretty scary and concerning. Hopefully Adsm responds to clarify things and wasn't aware of what was being done. At the very least, whoever decided to go ahead with doxing campaign should be sacked and an apology issued. I'll be watching with interest. Stay safe.

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He’s aware. Ben is his little errand boy, and the campaign manager. Also the Director of Social Media was in on it as well, it seems. Kokesh and Farmer are slimy as fuck and I doubt they will face this like men.

What the fuck man...

Best example of power corrupting right there. If this is what already happens to wannabe 'libertarian' politicians ....

Exactly, @frdem3dot0, if this is what happens to 3rd party candidates like libertarians (and Gary Johnson was a joke of a presidential candidate last time around) then politics must be too corrupt and evil to ever "fix". Time to find another way to bring down the tyrannical system that doesn't involve us giving our consent to the evil political system by voting. We've tried it too many times, and as far as I can tell this route is a hopeless loop. The only way voting will ever work, is we all refuse to do it! I did a recent post on this very subject; feel free to check it out: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@jasonliberty/democracy-elections-and-puppet-politicians-round-and-round-we-go-on-the-political-merry-go-round-perpetuating-endless-war-and


Yep. Politics. Every time. It attracts the narcissistic and sociopathic.

@kafkanarch84 Exactly! This is the very nature of politics...

Did Ben Farmer verify the number? If so, this threat can be formally investigated. My partner is a high-level cyber security expert and his conjecture on the alleged cyber expert in this cell chat (white text on blue) is that it's not at all credible, and a cyber expert would not sound like an over-zealous script kiddy in a prairie back bedroom. CS colleagues are not referred to as 'programmers' either. Looks to be someone (amateur) is trying to spook you because the terminology is all wrong. You wouldn't say "I am going to send out an encrypted email to my team" - ah ha ha! He had to chuckle there, forgive him. However as a precaution, make sure you use individually strong passwords on all your accounts and where possible use two factor authentication.


Who is your source??

A high level security expert would not use open cell for this kind of operative either. It's all just dumb play.

So how do you know for certain that this communication took place over "open cell", and assuming that it did how does invalidate the communication? Are we to believe that cybersecurity professionals don't use cell phones, and if not what do they use?

Agreed, Just little script kiddy talk... your partner has an eagle eye...

It’s not fake as far as I can tell, and I saw evidence I cannot divulge, as I cannot divulge the source. It should be noted that this person was not speaking to farmer in the standard professional capacity.

This person was overzealous, though, and even admitted as much. You’re right there.

The number is verified in the comments above. Only other option is the screens are faked, which seems like a long shot.


I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but I do agree. These texts look awkward and clunky. They read like poorly written dialogue from a first year writer, trying to write cool spy stuff.

If it's fake why are they not responding? Too busy laughing at their joke? I seriously doubt it.

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face...

Also its obvious that Ben Farmer initiated the contact with the cybersecurity professional. Being that Ben Farmer is not a cybersecurity professional how would he of initiated contact with a cybersecurity professional to begin with? Are we to believe that Ben Farmer knew how to use some kind of cybersecurity bat signal to reach out to this person? How do non-cybersecurity professionals contact cybersecurity professionals when they want to hire them?

THIS. Indeed it appears they may have reached out to amateur script kiddies, but the main point is that they are allegedly making the attempts. Very pathetic, especially if true that Steemit is their primary source of income.

This individual is no amateur. See comment below.

I have just seen the individuals credentials in a major online publication. The individual also is willing to take video of the phone to prove the screenshots are real.

The conversation took place over signal, but Famer forgot to set the messages to “disappearing.”

Thanks for reporting this. It's hard to do, I know, I've done it before (and nearly got buried in the retaliation).
I stopped watching Kokesh about 6 months ago. Something seemed wrong or off with him. Too much drama, too many weird posts, and too much involvement with traditional politics. If he's involved in some of this really shady stuff, damn, shame on him. His money is dirty.

Thanks, @drutter. I appreciate the support. Getting blamed for being targeted in something like this makes me wonder what kind of slime can actually exist on this planet.

Well definitely take care of yourself, you sound a bit rattled. Not that anyone wouldn't be. Shit like this isn't good for our health! Get your sleep and your nutrition every day or you won't last long. All the best.

Thank you, @drutter. Yep. A bit....ruffled. Will do.

It's a good thing @badquakerdotcom hasn't been active here, I suppose, or he would have probably drawn some ire, too.


After seeing him in person in Mexico early this year, he comes across to me as if he thinks he is already president.

He’s a full-blown narcissist.

Sorry you are dealing with this shit. Yet another example of someone claiming to be pure and for ALL to have equal natural free rights who behind the scenes envisions them-self at the top of others. So glad that the person digging into you for them has a conscience and gave you the heads up. Will keep you and your family in positive thought that they won't act on this now that light has been shined on it.

I have been thinking of the presidential campaign. This isnt the first time popular people have revealed a hidden agenda. I look forward to further details. He will have much bigger problems than Kafka in Japan. Live free or die friend.

because "obviously" he can't solve the issue by just talking this shit out, he have to use other means. This shows u just how guilty he is

Shit Graham, I really don't know what to say, this is full on. Can't believe that he is doing this to you and mentioning your son. wow, can't imagine how much that has shook you up. Be safe my friend, bit lost for words due to the craziness of this xxx

Damn, man. Glad you got tipped off.
Mad kudos to the guy who did.
Stay safe.

Thanks man. Yep. The individual who tipped me off was the hacker who was getting set to attack me. Heh.

That's gotta feel good though. When the most dangerous guy your opponent knows likes you more.

Just goes to show politics is a poison that infects all those who attempt to play the game, and politicians all hypocritical slimy snakes who have felt the rush of power and/or begun the climb up the ladder of greed... Sadly very few who touch politics get out uncorrupted. If we wanna beat these psychopathic powers that shouldn't be, we need to ditch the whole corrupt/evil political system, withdraw our consent/funding & find a way to really resist, peacefully, without endorsing their fraudulent system, the topic of a recent post of mine: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@jasonliberty/democracy-elections-and-puppet-politicians-round-and-round-we-go-on-the-political-merry-go-round-perpetuating-endless-war-and

Thanks @kafkanarchy84, I used to be a big fan of Adam but began to have my doubts as soon as he announced his bid for presidency. His willingness to be a part of the very system he'd been bashing and exposing for years seemed a little odd, and his 180 degree turnaround from direct action against the State to a political run for office thereby playing by the State's rules at its own game got me immediately suspicious. I've seen others call him out on FB, maybe hadn't seen your posts on Steemit yet, but had no idea he or his "team" would stoop to this level. Thanks for confirming those suspicions. Upvoted, followed & resteemed as well... Have a great day and keep up the good work for freedom!

I am really happy to see that several people I hope would respond did respond!

That said, there remains a slight possibility the story could get a total turnover spin.

Terrifying indeed. Wouldn't want to be in your skin Graham.
Alleged remains. A statement by the campaign is needed.

Interesting. What do you mean, a “turnover spin”?

Ah, hope the expression was correct English, at least halfway.

I'm just saying, if I try to imagine how the story unfolds, and I try do imagine an outcome where Kokesh+co. remain the "good guys" there is a slight chance for that.

I don't want to deliver them a narrative before they made a statement though.
At least that's what I think - or do you think I should state such a narrative regardless?

It’s good to consider every possible angle. Waiting to hear from them.

Isnt Kokesh leaving Steem? The messages are from May. If they didnt do anything by now i dont think they will. If this is true its a horrible thing but maybe it was just "in the moment" reaction by him? Once he cooled down he let it go? Dunno. Maybe you pissed him off really bad. 😁

These messages are from May, but you seem to be missing the bigger picture here. If an individual is collecting donations, running for president, and claims to be a Voluntaryist, don’t you think it appropriate to expose said individual/s when his campaign strategist is has hired high profile hackers to destroy someone’s life, and has even hinted at attempts to physically harass the victim and potentially his family?

Don’t you think taking action is appropriate even when the aggressor is just a “normal guy,” as well? If not, why not?

“Cooling down” doesn’t change that.

Thanks for commenting, I guess.

Oh no, you missunderstand. I said what i said to ease your mind a bit. This is shitty, if true, in every way, but as i said this was in May and it doesnt seem anything happened so far, so maybe it was all in the spur of the moment.
Its still a good thing you came out with this. When more people know about this then you take away his power to act even if he wanted to.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

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