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RE: @AdamKokesh, @BenFarmer: Alleged Attempts to Hack, Dox, Harass and Stalk me, using a Professional Cyber Security Expert.

in #kokesh4 years ago

Holy crap, dude. Just ... holy crap.


Hmmm, do I count as a "bigger target"?

I'm curious who that is as well. This makes you wonder how many other past victims there are as well. How many times have they asked to have this done? How many times did it get done?

Ah! You probably are the bigger target!

Or maybe I'm just the "additional troll."

I think I might be the "additional troll."
I hope so, it would give me a little satisfaction to know I was a burr in their saddle.

yeah you trolly MFer you. That's been my principle complaint all along....not. :-)

Thought about messaging you. Wanted to make sure it was all corroborated first. But yep, Holy crap, indeed.

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