The attempted terrorism against myself and my family from the @adamkokesh 2020 campaign would have entailed the following:

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The Kokesh campaign still have not addressed the alleged evidence specifically, and have made conflicting statements about the nature of the issue.

The following are screenshots taken from my conversation with the infosec professional propositioned by @benfarmer to "take me out":




For a full and more detailed backstory, please see @larkenrose's video:



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Was it you or @larkinrose that said @benfarmer was no longer with the campaign? He is still listed on the freedomline website. Hmmm.

Yep. Found this out today. He is on both websites, including the current senatorial campaign site. Kokesh and his campaign staff have insisted he no longer works for the campaign, however. Another question.

this is some sick shit right there

Yep. Made the fucking hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

This whole thing is so stupid! So very, very stupid! I can't stand bullies... especially when they double down on their crap after being shown for what kind of (bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep) ...oh!!! GAH!!

< toss plates at wall, listen to crashy noises >

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< serve dinner on cutting boards in lieu of plates because now out of plates >

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< create more dank Kokesh memes >

Fuck man.
You have my support.

Thanks, man. Much obliged 💚✨🤘🏼

...patriot will be getting in the ring soon...