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RE: @AdamKokesh, @BenFarmer: Alleged Attempts to Hack, Dox, Harass and Stalk me, using a Professional Cyber Security Expert.

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shocked while reading this.. this is just nasty and i'm sorry to see that you were potentially targeted in this way - if the allegations are true- I'm eager to hear any sort of response to the accusations?


Nothing. My comments politely asking Farmer about it were deleted and I was blocked. My source is willing to record video of the Signal app on the phone to prove the messages are real. Ben’s number has already been verified


so glad that guy sent you screenshots!

You should get whatever details and evidence you can get at the most detailed level you can. It may be important.

Yes. Have you seen what has been presented so far?

Yeah. It has been pretty sad.

A lot of people wondering if it is spoofed that I talk to. Then I point out that when people that know them ask instead of getting denial they get unfriended.

That is a pretty big red flag.

It'd be easy to fake anything like this these days. So we need to consider motives, and the personality and record of the people involved.

I could see no reason you'd fake this, and really no way it would benefit you.

So I resteemed it and have passed the word that I believe it is highly probable what you are saying is accurate.

That is about as good as you'll get from me.

I try not to be absolutely certain of anything.
Always leave room to change my mind when confronted with new information.

So at the moment I see your story as highly probable. :) ,... and disturbing.

Good to reserve judgement without complete info, however ;)

Hell. I'd say I rarely go 100% on anything. Though I may go 99.9999%

I always try to leave room that some piece of information I never knew before can completely torpedo something I was confident was true. :)

I have more evidence. But am holding it for now.

Yeah I read that. My comment was intended to say GET AS MUCH as you can and as much detail as you can.

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