Was I Just Impatient With Koinda? Or Was I Too Outspoken?

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(In response to a live video today; which I feel shots were fired at yours truly; with claims that I was not building anything... dismissing my role in helping to build the network, known as Koinda. One of several reasons I'm thankful to have spotted these issues early - )

I did see the video :: and saw the 'shade' about those of us who 'were not patient' :: which is mostly aimed at Yours Truly; I'm ok, I'm a big man, I can handle that kinda stuff.

It shows you how much Weight My opinion carries; apparently, that folks still got something to say; But I have just a 'few' responses that I'll keep short, in bullet point manner ...

  1. 25,000 members in the group; BUT they're not even talking about crypto; It's 99% gossip posts; which was entirely My problem to begin with; Never was with Sunjoined, till they started coming at me; for having a problem with all the Gossip/Tea Postings in a crypto/educational group .... #oddBehavior #redFlagsWentUp ....

  2. They tellin cats 'be patient' ... meanwhile; They pocketing Cash money Right now; $300 per distributor; it's people buying their product right now 'while' waiting to 'beta test' this new thing Retti built; which I'll come back to in a second...

  3. He admitted he LEFT Koinda; wasn't talking CJS; wasn't focused on it at all; Meanwhile, while dude was 'gone' I was in the discord, building WITH Retti on the VERY Idea he spoke on today; and he's very Dismissive of the "Idea Contributors" as he stated, those of us who were not patient (Me, i am us) - weren't building anything; Again, dismissing that it was people like me, while others abandoned the ship, who gave ideas to Retti on what to work on; since he's the Coder/Programmer; we all gotta know our roles; and as you all saw; when Retti came on camera today, he didn't know 'what to say' - b/c that's not his role; his role is building stuff; the people who know what to say is the Guy you talkin sh*t about; that's again, what I'm a lil hot about; how Dismissive this cat is, of other people's ideas who are not in his 'direct circle of ass kissing' ---

  4. For example; he admits that a lot of the people 'in that circle' already have businesses that use CBD products; this whole Sunjoined project, was about getting Bags "NOW" For himself and the people directly involved; so they can become Suppliers for THOSE Businesses they already know; again all of them getting money right now; Empowering "The few" ... not "The Many" .....

  5. Spoke on how he created the coin; and felt that was 'enough' - again justifying his decision to leave since that's what I mostly got on his head about; that he wasn't even paying attention to the ship; that I had been holding sh*t down; putting in work while he was away; and he's justifying that, to his ass smoochers, by saying he did his part; While not reminding you how often he's stood in the way of any real progressive plans to grow the value of the coin; this whole 'pitch' of building an economy to give value to the coin, is taking advantage of people who don't know economics; who don't know Crypto; none of these other coins are doing that; because the coins are MONEY already; Value is added from people investing 'money' into them; and using them to sell goods & services; The "Sellers" Can then exchange that currency into whatever they need; and instead of worrying about who's buying and selling, cryptocurrencies that are growing, are doing so because they have 'communities' that Invest IN That Coin; Daily, Weekly, Monthly; Giving Value to those coins; allowing others to use said Coins as units of Exchange ................. #facepalm --- this whole sunjoined mission is a fleece;

  6. this 'you can buy cbd at a discount with cjs!" has been the talk for forever; 'but how many of the 20,000+ members in koinda, want or need cbd?? ...." ..... Supply/Demand is Economics; this 'thing' Retti Build, hopefully is dope; hopefully works for business owners that do want to transact in CJS; but the fact that the 'group' itself is not even talking about crypto, tells me most people won't even USE what he built; because they ran off people like ME who tried to keep the group Focused on talking about Crypto; and also b/c I wasn't ass smooching like everyone else; saying "Yessa Lamar" to everything dude wanted to put out there.

As I look forward to 2020, I am thankful for the lessons from 2019 --- Been working 'for my people' for a long time now; it's difficult thankless work; a lot of my people are in the dark; alot are on some b.s. and too many would rather argue than fall in line; we don't recognize leaders; and also often pick the wrong leaders based on b.s reasoning.SO much WORK To do; It will be about 3 more generations till black people wake all the way up; let us hope we are still around by then!! In the meanwhile, let us be thankful, for now; #EndOfresponse

A video presentation I put together in 2016 on #TheBlackFolder also explains why I was even involved with Koinda in the first place; I saw a 'movement' that 'seemed' like what I've been about; a place to EDUCATE black people on ECONOMICS --- what it turned into, unfortunately, is a 'social club' where the 'group leader' plays favorites; and fleeces the community for personal gain.

If you watch this video you'll fully understand; I've never been ok with taking advantage of The People


I tried to create a Koinda tribe on Steem earlier in 2019 but nothing ever came of it. I was going to cover the full cost of the move over to Steem Engine for the the community to all be here but overall there just wasn't an interest that formed. I've not been keeping up but are CJs still on Stellar now? I was even hoping we could get a pegged CJ on Steem Engine to really tie the community in here. Hopefully what @memarh has in store helps the community though I must admit I haven't watched the Sunjoind video yet.

I remember your efforts to help Koinda form it's own 'steem related' community; I personally thought it was an excellent idea. In so many ways, this proves the point I was attempting to make. What stopped your idea from happening, frankly, is there were not enough people 'paying attention' by the time you made the suggestion. Their attention had already been diverted away to Sunjoined --- i actually spoke with you On the discord a couple of times ----

Long before you came along, there was a brief effort to get Koindans to Use Steemit; and act as a 'network' where we support each other's writings on here; up-vote each other; leave relevant comments on each other's content; We couldn't seem to get organized on that front either.

The guy you tagged, is the main problem.

While it would seem he's had some success in the past in his individual business efforts; he's got no idea how to Lead a team; or a community of people; He also allows others who have no experience in leading teams or communities, Advise him on what to do; It's the blind, leading the blind, following the blind;

Cjs are still on the Stellar Network; their value continues to plummet; no market cap at all due to no one investing in that coin; at all; meanwhile a 'source' of mine tells me the Sunjoined 'grow' was actually started by someone else; and that dude you tagged, Took over a crop/grow that did not originally belong to Sunjoined; They're charging people $300 to become distributors of their CBD products; and in my opinion, taking advantage of people who don't know better.

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