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RE: Was I Just Impatient With Koinda? Or Was I Too Outspoken?

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I tried to create a Koinda tribe on Steem earlier in 2019 but nothing ever came of it. I was going to cover the full cost of the move over to Steem Engine for the the community to all be here but overall there just wasn't an interest that formed. I've not been keeping up but are CJs still on Stellar now? I was even hoping we could get a pegged CJ on Steem Engine to really tie the community in here. Hopefully what @memarh has in store helps the community though I must admit I haven't watched the Sunjoind video yet.


I remember your efforts to help Koinda form it's own 'steem related' community; I personally thought it was an excellent idea. In so many ways, this proves the point I was attempting to make. What stopped your idea from happening, frankly, is there were not enough people 'paying attention' by the time you made the suggestion. Their attention had already been diverted away to Sunjoined --- i actually spoke with you On the discord a couple of times ----

Long before you came along, there was a brief effort to get Koindans to Use Steemit; and act as a 'network' where we support each other's writings on here; up-vote each other; leave relevant comments on each other's content; We couldn't seem to get organized on that front either.

The guy you tagged, is the main problem.

While it would seem he's had some success in the past in his individual business efforts; he's got no idea how to Lead a team; or a community of people; He also allows others who have no experience in leading teams or communities, Advise him on what to do; It's the blind, leading the blind, following the blind;

Cjs are still on the Stellar Network; their value continues to plummet; no market cap at all due to no one investing in that coin; at all; meanwhile a 'source' of mine tells me the Sunjoined 'grow' was actually started by someone else; and that dude you tagged, Took over a crop/grow that did not originally belong to Sunjoined; They're charging people $300 to become distributors of their CBD products; and in my opinion, taking advantage of people who don't know better.