Learning to Ask 学问

in knowledge •  23 days ago

This is the first day of another year, and it is a good time to learning to ask questions. According to the Chinese language, the word “knowledge” is made up of two characters. These two characters are “learn” (学) and “ask” (问). The implication is that knowledge is acquired through “learning to ask”. Today Israel is an outstanding nation in terms of her achievement with a small population comparing to other nations. Perhaps, one of the factors leading to her achievement is their way of acquiring knowledge. Generally, a Jewish mother would ask her children who are back from school with the question, “What question did you ask in school today?”

Indeed, one of the way to acquiring knowledge is by asking question as prompted by curiosity. When a child is young, he or she is curious and tends to ask a lot of questions. However, how many parents have destroyed their ability of learning by telling them to shut up. In a more moderate manner, the parents dismiss them by telling them that these are naive questions or they will know the answers naturally.

As we begin another year, it is time to ask questions, even tough questions. There may be times we have no answer but can only respond by saying, “Heaven knows”, which implies only God knows. Hence, there are many questions that we can hardly find satisfactory answers. However, we can ask God. Sometimes, asking God is being referred to as praying. This is also a beginning step to get connected with God.

这是今年的第一天,也是学习發问的好时机。根据中文,“知识”这个词是由两个字组成;这两个字是”学” 和“问”,这意味着知识是透过“学会提问”而获得的。今天若以国家成就而言,以色列是一个杰出的国家,雖然她和其他国家相比人口较少。或者导致她成功的一个因素乃是基于他们获取知识的方式。一般来说,一位犹太母亲会问她从学校回来的孩子问题:“你今天在学校问了什么问题?”




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