[Hae-Joo] Inner Truth : There Is Nothing Other Than Self-Knowing.

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True knowledge of any matter, any state or any situation can only be ascertained from within.


Intuition; and the subconscious abstract forms that occupy the recesses of the mind, are the cloud-like formations that constitute the grand interconnected Matrix that our world is woven into.

Intuition is the intelligent organization of the field of connectivity that permeates every network and every link between every divisible unit of our Universe. From the sub-atomic to the macro-cosmic: all Consciousness is interdependent and interrelated.

Why then, does a higher-being dotted of Consciousness, and an advanced mind capable of synchronization with the subconscious, invisible forms that lay hidden cloaked behind the thin surface of reality we call matter, have such a difficult time trusting their Intuition?

What is so difficult about trusting Divine Intelligent Organization?


And where do we get the idea that the Universe doesn't know what it's doing from?

Self-Knowing Is Knowledge of the Self


Yes, it is good to spend millions of dollars and study a matter in a controlled setting, isolating variables and using an impressive and rigorous degree of precision in measurement and observation to arrive at a conclusion._

It is even better to be able to intuitively know the results of the study from within one’s heart, without the need to expend vasts amounts of precious resources doing it.

Yes, there would be fewer "jobs" in the economy, the preservation of the rain-forest would be a given, and a few ex-bankers wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind…

But with all of our means and methods of confirming our hypotheses and suppositions, and our ability to ascertain and analyze the exact mechanistic processes that enable life to unfold as it does, we will still always know with a lesser degree of certainty when we rely on the words of others instead of our own true inner knowing.

Why do our societies rely on this rigorous, fundamental, unscrupulous and unapologetic system of discovery to inform us about the natural world?

Is it because we are all ignorant? Or all ignorers?

What is the basic premise, the core philosophical root cause, behind “science” as we have come to understand it in the mainstream? The fact that we were misled by “gurus”, “priests” and other charlatans for eons and eons, and decided “be done with this scourge of placing blind faith in the fallible other”. Now, we have depersonalized the face of “authoritative knowledge”. We are not told by “men in colorful vestments” what God’s Earth is; we are told by “men in white lab coats and black business suits”.

The fundamental fallacy remains unquestioned: “Knowledge is handed down from Authority”


The idea that the burden of responsibility to know something is beholden to each and every individual know-er, does not gain much traction.

The point is this: just because my truth and your truth do not appear to match up, and just because we are perplexed and left in a state of cognitive dissonance as we struggle to align and harmonize our knowledge, does not mean that we are not all fundamentally connected to the truth at all times.

The truth is something that must be arrived at. We do not start from true knowledge, we uncover it like men on a treasure hunt. When we do not go along for the ride, and cling to our own narrow-minded view of the truth, and fail to benefit from other's point of view at the truth, we essentially either end up being hypocrites, or victims of doublethink, not even aware of the contradictory beliefs and lack of logical consistency and integrity in our being. This is the root of much disease and affliction in our world.

When an individual makes a claim, we judge not his claim by our own intuitive reading of their Soul. We discern not the motive and intent of their heart. We do not attempt to read their minds. Instead we simply ask for “proof”. Show me the evidence.

Why though? Why do we not sufficiently trust our own selves to be able to know whether another is trustworthy or not… Why do we doubt ourselves so much, that without doubting our fellow man, we surrender all of our power to them and become blind followers, likened to sheep following a shepherd?

Would it not make more sense to simply trust our own intuition? To trust the feeling in our gut, to trust the pulse and vibration in our heart, to learn to discern the little voice in the back of the mind which always whispers the pure, unadulterated truth to anyone who cares to listen…

We are all quantitatively and qualitatively capable of “True Knowing”.


One just has to quiet all of the voices until there is nothing left but the One, True, Singular Voice.

This voice is always, in some form, in some way, substantial, with any reasonable depiction of Divine Intelligence… This is not the say that some 11-th dimensional infinite being in it's highest form speaks to us at all times in words. Simply that what is required for us to know, or to learn, is always right there, at arms length, if we are simply to extend ourselves, reach for it, and hold it.

The Gift of Knowledge need not be violently or fiercely fought for...

It need simply be gracefully accepted.


Peace and Love

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I'm glad this resonated with you. Namaste

It was beautiful :D

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I think of it as developing a greater and more precise "vocabulary" of understanding the world with science and other analytical education. But then a vocabulary does you no good if you don't know how to listen, hear and interpret. The inner teachings, getting to know our own inner guidance system, is where this skill is developed. Between the two, we can keep advancing the frontier of what we may be.

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