Why Steemit will be Facebook and Reddit Killer

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Facebook and Reddit are fraught with greed and intimidation (even though they are innovative and successful social media company -especially Facebook ) including censoring freedom of speech and expression. However many members still sign up monthly on Facebook in their billions (making Facebook the undisputable king of social media on demise of rivals like Twitter and MySpace- which Facebook completely eradicated ) because of lack of knowledge of a better option - where they can safely and freely share their pictures plus articles and get money doing it. Below are some points to consider:

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  • Recognition of truth: it is argued that people can never be suppressed in the dark forever, therefore when millions of subscribers on Facebook and Reddit learn about steemit and see how they can make money on steemit doing the same thing they do on other social media for free, then they will move in millions to steemit –which will lead to decline of Facebook and Reddit monthly subscription, increase in market value of steemit and subseqently high price of steem.
  • Maturity and Serenity: I will remiss if I say that steemit is perfect - however it is far better than Facebook    which is fraught with  gossips , political hate  plus daily ideaological and phylosopical issues -however this is a result of billions of members  worldwide and Facebook concentrating their strategy on how to monetize them for financial gains. Steemit, however, solved the issue due to the  ability of members to unite and flag /down vote hate , scam  and ideological extremists- however there are still limitations. (See my former posts on dangers of spam and down voting on steemit).
  • Safety: Steemit is based on steem blockchain which is one of the best and safest technology far superior than Facebook and Reddit . Moreover, Facebook sell members data to the highest bidder : top advertisers and even government agencies which is not the case with steemit. Therefore millions of safety savvy people will leave  Facebook for steemit if they are aware of this special quality. 

In addition, as indicated in my former blog post : why rich and broke people need to join steemit  see link  and unlike other social media, steemit provides opportunity for all - what is needed is authenticity, hard work and great contents. Moreover, the knowledge gain and great friends you will make on steemit surpasses other platforms–put succinctly, steemit is like  adding crypto currency like Bitcoin to the best part of Facebook. 

Conclusion: Facebook is indeed the king of social media with great qualities, however will it remain king forever ?especially when many people recognize that there is an alternative that will pay them far better for their time and contents- including better opportunities to learn , socialize with friends and invest their money for  future gains. Conversely, however, do not expect this to happen immediately because steemit is still in its infancy :still working on many features  (see my former post for details )after which there will be huge investments in advertisement (members can help too) in order to educate the world of the qualities of steemit which will lead to millions of signup and subsequently steem price shooting to the stars. This will in return cause decline of Facebook monopoly and give back power to the common people. 

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  Also  read my former blog post : why rich and broke people need to join steemit  see link 

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Well written excellent giving power back to the common man love it. As people migrate from Facebook to steam it the price is going to shoot for the stars just like you say. Crypto currency to save the world

Great, I agree see my older posts for more analysis plus this link https://steemit.com/investing/@charles1/why-you-should-stop-powering-down-and-rather-buy-more-steem-now ....keep steeming bro

Wonderful post and great points you listed there... Surely steemit will be the David that will caterpot all Golliats down soon with their wonderful platform... Am glad am part of steemit...tks @charles1 for sharing this...

welcome, and more success to you

Sure and thanks ... keep steeming

Your points are valid. Facebook is fraught with a lot of censorship and this is not good for the social media space.

you are welcome

@blueorgy your comment in this topic is needed

Hi @charles1, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Personally I don't think Steemit will replace Facebook, and that's ok. Let Facebook be the photo album/gossip platform that it is. There is little to no useful content on that website and eventually people will get tired of the vanity affair that it has become.

I believe you are dead on when you say that once people realize that Steemit exist they will migrate in droves. My goal is to have this be not only a social platform based around niche communities that support and encourage one another, but also the place for people to get high-quality, original content. From news to art to DIY projects; let this be the HUB!

Good point, I agree with you

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Thanks a lot, more success to you

dude you really know how to write successful articles, you can be proud of yourself (:

Thanks a lot bud, upvoted your last 2 contents and I wish you success

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I agree for the most part. I certainly think that Steemit will grow exponentially in the months/years to come and I am very positive on it - certainly I will be powering up as much STEEM as possible

However, when people start to migrate over in much larger numbers then many will bring hate and extremism with them. And this is an environment in which it cannot be removed, only down voted

As we have seen recently, people have joined together to downvote plagiarism and other content which is alien to the ethos of this site, but if you have larger numbers arriving here and promoting those ideals, then I wonder whether there will be enough people and/or power to vote it down

I hope there will be, but I imagine that the bigger the site gets the harder it will become to do so

Just my thoughts off the top of my head


pocketsend:[email protected], I think Steemit can grow as well but its features are nothing like Facebook yet. So if competition is the game, Steemit needs to evolve.

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Good deals hahaha, I like it and shows steemit greatness

@wekkel , lol at least you should send some commission to me if you will use my post page to show off a deal..hahaha, good one and shows how this platform is evolving

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wow, amazing guy indeed

You are absolutely correct and as indicated in my former posts about downvoting, there are already communities here that fight against such and it will only grow stronger. On the other hand, that will certainly be an issue but we will not deviate from growth because of those negetive people..we will fight them and flag them to hell fire!!!

Steem definitely has the potential to rival other social media platforms, @charles1. The real question is will it? Possession is 9/10ths of the law, as they say. It is King of the Hill, and to wont go down without a fight.

FB also has, as you state, billions of dollars with which to wage war against its adversaries. They can buy advertising. They can buy other media outlets. They can add new services and features that rival Steem or other platforms. Facebook will not let go their grip on consumers without a fight.

Perhaps more importantly, being better isn't always the key to success. Was VHS better than Beta? Blue-Ray superior to HD-DVD? Being first has its advantages. People are resistant to change, and so, asking them to change their connect provider after they've already made a significant personal investment in their current one, may be a difficult sell. (All my pictures are already on FB... All my memories...)

Steem may very well go on to dominate all the other Social Media outlets, but the road will be fraught with challenges. In addition to being better, they'll need to out-advertise, out-innovate, and out-wit the giants of our era. That, my friends, will require an investment of time, money, and intelligence that perhaps we haven't yet truly considered or understand.

Upvoted and I follow. Cheers to Steem!

Good point, I agree with you hence why I indicated that it will take time and a lot of things need to be done. On the other hand, we should never underestimate the power of disruotive technologies especially power of money ie when the masses see that they will make money in a platform than facebook then will move over in millions!!! since signing up on steemit, my friends and I rarely go to facebook and Linkedin because we at least get some revenue on steemit-that will be the case if many people on face book (not all) know about the opportunities here, however it will take some time and cost money in advertisement. Furthermore, Facebook structure (with its greedy share holders ) is fraught with greed and will never share revenue with members which is a limitation in the era of blockchain technology. See my older post for info abot the next update https://steemit.com/investing/@charles1/why-you-should-stop-powering-down-and-rather-buy-more-steem-now

I like your "All my memories..." comment, and would imagine that someone will write a "Facebook reflector" which will take all your posts and comments, and reflect them to another social media site. This one, of course, but I'm also thinking of the more general case. Just saving them locally would be helpful; their "download my account" has very little of "what I typed" in it. Would be nice to have my posts, and especially my comments on other peoples' posts (which wouldn't be uploaded by the tool, those would be in the "save locally" portion).

VHS was "better" than Beta in the sense that most movies could fit on a single tape; Beta often had two. It did have superior picture quality, but the added expense of having to make two tapes for many movies had a negative effect. And you're right -- better marketing often trumps better quality.

I think the biggest problem of social media in general is censorship. I'm not even talking about illegal content, but violating the freedom of speech.

Agree 100%. I have witnessed many YT channel being suspended and not allowed to post certain videos and it infuriates me. No one should have their 1st Amendment stripped away.

Ron Paul was "economically censored" by YouTube recently. ZH had an article about it, let me find it... here.

Completely agree with you, although I would point out that the First Amendment really only applies to the government; it doesn't say others need to have expenses to fund one's speech. I think the censorship that companies are doing is awesome, because it creates demand for platforms such as this one.

Just as "discrimination" should not be illegal. If a business turns customers away, they'll seek out (or create) businesses which do not. Codifying in law that certain classes of people require preferential treatment is just a recipe for class warfare.

Anyway neat to see you over here! :)

Hahah tell Ron Paul to come over here and use DTube...haha

Yes, hopefully his team is on top of the new shiny. :)


Good point, I agree. It is indeed a big problem.

Hi Charles. I agree, Steemit is the future, but one thing I think that keeps people coming back to Facebook is the fact that it's also basically a photo album of people lives. To see peoples pictures on Steemit we must scroll down and click in each individual post to look. If there were some kind of feature on Steemit that showed an overview of just the pictures from the posts, altogther in one easy viewing format I think it would attract even more people. If then people clicked on the picture they like and it linked them to the post it was from it would be PERFECT!. What do you think?

Good comment and innovative ideas @birdistheword guess you pass your ideas to @ned or @dan for possible adoption...

Nope I was just thinking out loud really. I wouldn't know how to pass any ideas onto them as I guess they won't see name mentions with so many happening constantly.

Yeah right ...point noted and we keep pushing and getting better...
Do find time to check my blog post also... Tks

Great point, as you know steemit is still developing and many features will be added after the next update which I explained in my former post. However let us see steemit as a solid content platform for blooging and not a photo storage or sharing platform like facebook. Read my former article abot the issue https://steemit.com/education/@charles1/danger-of-child-pornography-think-before-you-share-your-children-cute-pictures-and-family-info-on-steemit-facebook-instragram-et

I agree about allowing Steemit to become a solid blogging platform, I was just thinking that for it to be adopted by the whole of the world and challenge Facebook it needs to have some kind of photo album feature, as not everyone likes blogging or reading blog posts. Some people don't even like to read. A lot of people these days have such short attention spans that they like to sit and flick through pictures. I'm not saying I agree with that, it's just what the masses want. At the moment Steemit seems to be a niche for the more intelligent creator and writer. Some people don't have anything to say or write about and so get put off. I guess it's a question of whether Steemit wants to be a household name. I'm not knocking it by the way I love Steemit. Just throwing some thoughts out there. I'm happy for them to just drift off into the oblivion.

Good point, I think that such option can be added as steemit is an innovative platform and lots of room to grow...

there are many features that I would like seen added to steemit (perhaps they will after the beta phase is complete).
Such as being able to organize upvotes and resteems in one tab. I'd like to go back and look at some posts but I have to scroll forever because the post originated from two weeks ago. Or having a 'favorites' tab for your followers that you check in on every day. SO many more ideas...

I have to agree with you about the reasons behind this post.
I have seen so much censorship on other soclal media websites; which is the reason why I no longer go to them, post on them or comment on them.

Too much political censorship, too much drama and if you want to find adults acting like junior high girls, then that's where you go. I don't have time for name calling, ridicule and crude arguments.

I came to steemit to write and blog. The monetary benefits are just an added bonus over long term.


Nice comment @goldendawne you truly have the steemian spirit... Which area do you blog

Gardening, homesteading and herbs mainly. But i tend to comment all over

Wow @goldendawne
Will check it out...seems we have similar blog interest😋

Wow @goldendawne
Will check it out...seems we have similar blog interest😋

Good pont, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for your comment

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@goldendawne I also think so, we have commented a lot and seen them there
I'm no longer serious in FB

Great article my friend ! And for all these reasons why I never go on Facebook , and never did to begin with much anyways ! Keep up the great work !👍👍👍💕

I cannot ever see Steemit taking Facebook or Reddit down - but I can certainly see Steemit taking some market share - And that is good enough for me!

Absolutely!!! taking some market share will mean millions of members and steem price shooting to the moon isnt it?

I hope so! Even a 1% share would be rather epic!

Yes...we are talking of Millions of people...it will surely happen and we all will have a big smile on our face isnt it?

I sincerely hope so @charles1!

😁 😁

Nice post! I agree with points that you made!

me too, oh yeahh

Nice dancing move:D

what do you agree with , which point?

all of them...one of my favorites is safety....because we see how many instagram accounts being hacked! And yes they are keeping all of the profit to themselves...Probably they didn't heard saying "Sharing is caring" :) I love Steemit...and not only because of money...first when I registered and realized that anything that i post here will stay here forever, I didn't know what to think about that...but know I even liked that....My art will live forever :) or until the internet dies :D

That'd be nice!

What will be nice?

Agree with every single word.Great post!

welcome my dear @damira keep steeming to more success

I will😊😊😊

Solid @charles1. Ironically found this through your Fb post haha! But I agree with much of what you say. I really enjoy your content and posts. I was skeptical that fb might not be replaceable, but then I realized that Steemit is still very much in it's infancy and could very well introduce MORE game changing features that make old platforms laughable by comparison. There are still a few things to be improved.... But once that comes..... Poof! outta sight.
They say Blockchain Technologies are at the same relative point as the internet itself was in around 1993..... oO Hard to imagine where we will be in 5 years :)
Great stuff, good sir. @wuji

Good guy, I agree with you. See my former post link https://steemit.com/investing/@charles1/why-you-should-stop-powering-down-and-rather-buy-more-steem-now and my older posts for reasons that will solidify your trust on this amazing platform..If all goes well , steemit can make you very rich if you gradually increase your steem power before price shoot to the stars..success

Wise words my friend. I will surely check it out. You will go far on here, I'm sure of it :)

same with you, wish you more success

My favourite part is the respect of privacy, really disgusting how big companies like facebok data-mine their users !

Good point..leading to billions of dollars in profits and no cent shared with owners

Very true @roylee Facebook is so annoying and intrusive in that regard

You're absolutely right @charles1, but look there is investfeed.com it copied steemit with a twist. It add trade on the platform and allowed 500 character on each post. Front end is facebook inspired.

I know investfeed it looks more like twitter and you cant make money on your posts there isnt it? you just have to buy the coin and hope for the best plus exchange platform

Hahahah. @charles1 , I agree your writing 'Facebook and Reddit are fraught with greed and intimidation'

Isnt it true bro?

excellent work dear friend @ charles1, I believe that facebook will not be king forever, this is proven, all the people we have met steemit we totally leave it do all other social network platform, this is a matter of time.
Each one of us has to contribute our grain of sand by spreading it.
Thank you very much for the opportunity of expression
Have a great day

Good point my bud, thanks for your comment

I think that Steemit is not going to kill Facebook in near future. Steemit is going to be a very strong player for niche audience. At this point it is very hard to tell how it is going to grow. Just because I'm new to Steemit and am not very familiar with the creators.

For what I'm sure - blockchain is our future.

Good point, however see my older posts for reasons why steemit will be very successful including tips to be more successful here

extraordinary delight perusing your post.Its loaded with data I searching for and I want to post a remark that "The substance of your post is magnificent" Great work.

you are welcome, keep steeming to more success and see my olders posts for tips to be more successful here

Hey @charles1

I think many people won't join it because people are afraid to loose, they are skeptical, and they are habitual to their daily routine of entertainment.

There are thousands of books and websites on how to make money but very few people are interested in it.

People want to earn money but they jist just wish and don't take actions.

Good point, I agree with you. However if steemit can get 1% of the +2 billion social media lovers, then we will have millions of members and many willing to work hard...price of steem will shoot to the stars

You are ignoring the human factor. It may be the case that Steemit surpasses other platforms, but the mentality of people doesn't work like that. Some people just want to post duck face​ selfies all day long, I hope they will stay on​ Facebook and never come acorss Steemit.

@rossenpavlov LOl, I agree with you. Pls let all those selfie people stay on facebook...hahah unless they will make life difficult for us here. However am sure that steemit will gain market share from next year and we will reach millions of members and then the price of steem will shoot to the skies...we however need time to buy steem before if goes viral..haha

Still ignoring the human factor :)

yes with steemit being billions of dollars already in its own community .. its a win win win for all .. I am reblogging this too. thanks!

Good point , I agree with you. Also see my older posts for more reasons and tips to be more successful here

I'm rooting for Steemit. We need to start a marketing campaign or something! I tell all my friends about it.


I hardly get on FB anymore. I started this year before steem. Too many fake people. Forget reading comments, what a shot show. I agree, and thank you for posting :)

You are welcome and also see my older posts for more reasons and tips to be more successful here

Excellent points. The safety of our data is becoming more and more of a cognizant issue for people. That alone may sway people, but the monetary gain from Steemit should seal it.

Good point and I am glad that we will be part of the success story

Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Great quote, thanks

Nice eye opener, i have written a kind of post like this in the past, thanks for educating people. This post recieved an upvote from theheralds. If you would like to recieve upvotes from theheralds on all your posts, simply [email protected]https://steemit.com/@theheralds

Thanks for your comment and more success to you.

IMO Steemit is different but definitely a challenge for Facebook. If the steem continues may be this will develop its own brand.

Good point, it will certainly disrupt the industry and gain market share...win win for all of us.

@charles1 stop by my post if I can @mardha

Facebook will no doubt take a few hits once steemit starts to catch on, but don't assume they won't be able to come up with ways to keep their massive user base, perhaps finding ways to reward users for receiving a lot of likes. They might even attack steemit which wouldn't be all that hard with all the money they have and some vulnerabilities with the whole concept of steemit. Hopefully the awesome community we have now will find ways to protect against anything like that though.

The only way I see Facebook going down is if the laws change and they start actually feeling pressure for all of the "questionable" things that they stand for. But Facebook doesn't need to go down for millions of people to do great things here.

Reddit probably won't survive steemit though....

Your point is valid, I agree however Facebook and its shareholders are fraught with greed that they will not share money with members...if they do then they will give out millions weekly which will affect their huge profits and shareholders will fight against it. This is where steemit will do well because the platform DNA is to share revenue with members . Imagine steemit taking out even 1% of 2 billion people? ie millions of members..I stated reasons here see https://steemit.com/investing/@charles1/why-you-should-stop-powering-down-and-rather-buy-more-steem-now

Hmm while i agree with you Steemit has a lot to improve on to overtake Facebook and i think the following would be ideal;

  1. Steemit chat with better UI
  2. Better UI and a more user friendly Steemit
  3. Better profile customization

All in all i see Steemit in the future, it is the epitome of blogging, but in terms of social media, has lots of ground to cover.

Good point, I agree with you. Hopefully all will be done perfectly in the near future

@charles1 I completely agree! I used to be Extremely active on Facebook with a huge following and a ton of views on my videos. One day, however, I realized that I just wasn't resonating with the FB platform anymore.

A few of my friends make fb live vids and fb always deletes their vid just because they talk about topics that most people are scared to talk about.

It's foolish how a person is not able to speak their mind, but instead, they get reprimanded.

Steemit wins everytime! :D

Good point, and we all will win with steemit in few years time when steem price will shoot to the moon

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what does your comment have to do with the post?

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i agree with it mostly but depends on the community developing the right apps :)

Thanks and welcome...upvoted your last post and keep steeming to more success