200 STEEM bounty for optimizing KnackSteem UI plus some minor features [Task-Request]

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Knacksteem is an opensource platform where people with individual skills can showcase their talent by creating, Teaching, performing and impacting the society excellently with outstanding and quality effort. This platform gives all and sundry the opportunity to freely engage themselves in self-development and help others to develop as well. getting rewarded for the effort invested into contributing quality content is also part of the objectives for knacksteem's creation

Knacksteem is a platform for anybody and everybody with something dynamic to showcase. It is a place to elevate the things you know how to do best. Exhibiting your ability and gift to the entire world and get rewarded for doing so.
Knacksteem aims to guarantee no creativity will squander as our real objective is to advance you.

More information about the project can be found here


The project's current interface looks redundant and does not look very attractive. We are looking for full-stack devs to help us implement a new UI of which we already have a clear mock-up. Most of the current UI functions works. to set the app running without any flaws, you will need to have the API running as well. Mongo DB is, of course, needed to run the app locally effectively.

Development Stack

JavaScript ES6+ with Babel
React + Redux
Ant Design

Nodejs + Express

Samples of the new UI mock-up

  1. Home page

  2. User-dasbord

  3. Post editor

  4. Post view

    Click here to access the psd version of the UI mock-ups (Thanks to @outwork)


Parts that need to be enhanced

  • Knacksteem UI
  • Voting slider implementation
  • Editor optimization (steemit or busy like post editor)


The deadline for this task is 06/09/2018 (15 days from 08/22/2018) with 200 steem bounty on completion of the task within the given time frame


You can reach me on our discord server or contact me directly with the username knowledges (Smiles' at all)#3295


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Thanks for the task request, @knowledges!

It's great that you already have mock-ups so that whoever takes on this task has an easier time! However some things aren't really clear to me:

  • Voting slider implementation: does this need to be implemented fully or just designed?
  • Editor optimisation: what does this mean? What needs to be optimised and how?

Good luck finding a contributor(s) - I'm 100% sure the 200 STEEM bounty will entice a lot of people!

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Hey @amosbastian, Thanks for the review. I will Update the info shortly.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 12 contributions. Keep up the good work!

I really like the mockups. The designer made an amazing job. Although the placement of some of the elements reminds me of past visuals of Busy and Utopian, these are clean and appealing. Good luck to everyone involved.

This portion of the UI update is now developed and submitted to the repository (details over here); the home page, article view, and post editor are updated with the new UI as indicated.

The PSD designs for the updated UI also include designs for individual user profile pages, as well as a third column for most pages that include "Announcements" (and "Similar Articles" on article pages), which in discussions with the organizers were not included in this round of development.

Hey @knowledges
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