Why this Black Cat at road side? Is that a painting or a photography! Anyway I won't see Black Cats in the middle of night :D


Lolx that black cat is giving some horror movie's wibes with this much darkness :P

Apparently this is the new Stop sign.

I bet you had nightmares of cats and snails!

What's wrong with the kitten, is he lost? poor, you have to look for a home

That cat made me fall from the chair hahahaha you're crazy if it really scares hahaha and in passing they say they are bad luck

JAJAJa I can tell you how we say here;
Only in Venezuela. LOL
Now I can change it
Only in Finland

My crumpet! This is a long walk in the night!
I am afraid you are developing a taste for chasing after weird creatures at night!
Someone was looking for a lost black cat!
Look! Even black cat got swolllowed up in this area. The cat put up a good fight and knocked the road sign onto the ground!
Please be careful! Stay away! This place has a monster Mafia as the guardian!

Good luck.

Why would they change the speed restriction sign with stop sign? Or is the black cat a closed road sign.. since you don't want a black cat to cross your path obviously.. :P

Thank God sir you reached home it's too scary 😣😣

The sign "cats on the roads" is much better than max speed.
What a great idea! Everyone loves cats so the roads will be much safer now.

Oh my goodness.... You scared me. I can't sleep alone now. It's horror cat.

Feel as though I have gone for a walk with you. Thanks gamer. That was good.

Today is the horror day. I'd lose my mind if that cat suddenly moved lol.

It was moving so much I had to do a couple of re-takes to get the shot. ;)

Was it moving?? A g-g-ghost cat! You must have ballz of steel to be able to stay there and take a photo of it lol

Hahahaha lol finally you reached to your home... That's great you should tell me about your every step its really amazing 🙂

Finally you arrive at home Hhh, you scared me . You like walking at night ?

Yes I do that sometimes.

Scary night cat photo, the environment looks very odd and scary.

Hahaha. That looks like a paper kitty on an ethereum pole.

😂😂😂 they're totally stalking you now

Is this horror kitty really embossed or seriously live? Unbelievable click taken jaro. My hear beat increase much..... Lub....dub....lub...dub...

That cat is lost or looking for a kitty partner.

Cats must really use that road often for them to be used as a road sign post.

Beautiful looking this might photography, I appreciate your post. keep it up my dear friend.
upvote and resteemit.

Sir how you took the picture.
how possible?

Telling the truth is a lot of fear of seeing the cat.

you are too much braver, its called a male human.

dont be afraid just go for home.

Really wired...

I was traumatized with that cat! now I can not erase his image from my mind

At night, all cats are gray. At night it is difficult to identify someone, so everyone goes unnoticed

Although place is weird but your photography is awesome

Many people have described the black cat horologically as if the black cat thinks of many evil spirits, but above all I think it is better to avoid these things and that she has come home, it is really great :)

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Don't worry
it's just cat who looks kitty partner

Excellent post thanks for sharing

Don't worry ..
Just cool @gamer00.. Don't be scared ...

haha yes sir looks amazing but some what weired.

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