Splinterlands Untamed - Summoner Card Review - Pyre of the Fire Splinter

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Here are my thoughts on a new summoner card that has been released in the Splinterlands Untamed booster packs. All the new summoners have a mana cost of 3 and are in the 2nd or "rare" tier of Splinterlands cards.

Pyre is the new summoner for the Fire splinter. Speed kills and this card provides all of your monsters with +1 speed! Pair this summoner with a level 5 flame imp (Swiftness ability provides +1 speed) and creeping ooze (Slow ability results in -1 speed for your opponent) and anyone you face in battle may have a hard time hitting you with melee or ranged attacks. However, keep in mind that there is a lot of "reverse speed" showing up in battle rules nowadays so you would probably not want to use this summoner in those conditions. I like the artwork for this card although I thought the card was a female character until I read the lore associated with the card that indicates that the summoner is a boy.

So how does this new summoner compare to the other Fire splinter summoner that costs 3 mana, Malric Inferno. I believe that Malric is a much more powerful summoner in most situations since he provides +1 melee attack to all of your monsters. However, there seems to be a lot of "keep your distance" showing up in battle rules recently and that renders Malric's summoner buff useless.

Frequently asked questions:
Should I keep this card or sell it on the market?
By all means keep this card! The new summoners are very undervalued right now on the market because most players have already leveled up their old summoners and do not have a need for new ones. This will change as new players enter the game.

Should I scramble and buy this card hand over fist on the market or should I just buy more booster packs instead?
I would just buy additional booster packs at this point. There are some new Untamed monsters including a summoner that I am going to recommend that you buy hand over fist in a later post but for this card I recommend general accumulation through booster pack purchases for now.

Also, let me end my review with a disclaimer. I have never played in the upper level diamond and champion leagues so I can not speak to this card's value at those levels since I have no experience in that environment. My assessment pertains to using this card in the gold leagues and below.




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Hi M.S.! Cool, I'll check it out. :-)

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I really have to get that summoner for my fire team.