Killthepad – Challenge Week 5: Family

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Artwork by scuzzy

Hi guys, another Killthepad contest by Jamesgetsit. Shouts out to SMA and dsound for their contributions. Basically we are to write about the topic and put it in rap. No video or audio, just simply killing the pad.
This week's topic is Family. Hope you like it.

Ma Familia

When these eyes close I envision our dining,
Me and sis reclining while I'm rhyming,
Mum pops in and smiles, she's stable,
Lil bro on the floor playing with a shiny cable,
We ain't just blood we Goonies too,
But the truth is, dude
Sometimes life's complex as a rubix cube.
Papa died early and things were never perfect,
The elders acted.. foul.. tried to take his better assets.
Mum stood up to them with clever traps set,
With me on her back like a leather jacket.
So I made the killer resolve
To impact this world, in ways that would give her big joy
Take care of my siblings and keep these hands clean off..
Crime and anything that would dishearten all
Now we grown and hustling
Mama proud her kids up and bustling,
Busy streets, these jobs we juggling,
Now every challenge life brings we can out-muscle em.
Naija born, life made us strong fenders,
Black family, bond sweet as Nutella,
Minds linked across continents, we draw tethers,
Love like The Originals.. always and forever.

Original work by ulqu3

What does your family mean to you?


What an article

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From one Goonie to another. I really liked that, put me right there in the moments.

Happy I could reach you with that. Just expressing myself. Thanks for reading.

My mannn!! Damn this contest is heating up something fierce!! This was so good dude. Really heartfelt... I really saw the picture you were painting. Just beautiful man... All the way around.

I literally have no critiques on this one... Was flawless... So good.

Keep this up dude... You are an amazing lyricist!

Great verses!!! Congratulations on second place in the Kill the Pad Challenge!!!

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