My Entry For Social Media Banner / Header for “Kill the Messenger”

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The Banner/Header will be used on social media platforms to promote “Kill the Messenger” such as Steemit, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

These are my submission/entry:


Facebook Cover


Instagram Cover

Until Choice.jpg

Soundcloud Banner

Why #Unity4J is important?

From its own word "unity", we know that it has a value and importance. Through this project, people can now speak its rights freely to help and support Julian Assange. Humanity must practiced and used human rights that helps every individual to protect all people from political, legal and social abuses. In this generation, social medias are much more influential in the community all over the world.
Human right exists in morality and in law national and in international levels. Assange needs our unity with this matter for he is truly an innocent man being subjected into not fair treatment. We should stand and speak for our right together to free Julian Assange but first we need to know first what rights we are standing and fighting for. Government now a days sometimes let humanity being blind with what is really the truth. Their complaints with a concept of justice incorporates the measure of impartiality and equality.

Assange has had difficulties with his hosts in the past. The most memorable incident came in 2013 when several embassy employees were punished, one of whom was demoted, in part because of Assange's actions while there, according to two sources familiar with the matter, including one source at the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the time, Assange was eager to get involved to help NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden find asylum in Ecuador, establishing WikiLeaks as the preeminent organization for whistleblower protection. He convinced a high-ranking embassy employee to help him. When top officials found out, several employees suffered the consequences, including at least one demotion. Assange has since said he encouraged Snowden to stay in Russia.

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