KillerPix📷Contest #44 - 20 SBD In Prizes!🏆- Submissions Post 🌐 (Plus Winners From Last Week👀)

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Hello Steempeeps!

Welcome to #thealliance's

#KillerPix Photography Contest!

This is a weekly contest with a randomly themed attitude.
This contest is open to the entire Steemit community!
This week, the theme will be BARK!!
Photographs will be judged on just a couple things:
Interpret it how you will :)


  1. Create a post with your OWN ORIGINAL photo with the first tag being #killerpix
  2. Your photo must contain a description - where and when at the least
  3. The link to your entry must be in the comments of this thread, post the pic if you like
  4. All entries must be submitted by the Monday following this post
  5. You may submit no more than TWO (2) entries per week
  6. You must upvote this post (please resteem for more exposure & to support good initiatives)


  1. Winner of several photography contests across Steemit, #cybermom - the lovely @ninahaskin!
  2. Passionate about laughs and pictures & #haturday creator - the ever-huggable @saffisara!
  3. Another winning photographer & a cornerstone of our Latino community - @oscarps!
  4. Finally, we have one of #thealliance witnesses, @enginewitty. He's addicted to STEEM.


  • 1st place is awarded 10 SBD.
  • 2nd place gets 7 SBD.
  • 3rd place gets 3 SBD.
  • All the winners and honorable mentions also get their entries NOMMED on and resteemed by @killerwhale. I suggest to wait a day before entering so any winners can be voted on. Can't wait to see all the great photos!

This theme is BARK, and it can be left open to your own interpretation. Some people might think of a dog barking and others may think of the skin or outer shell on a tree. Do with it what you will, and remember to have fun!

1st Place - Guy Fawkes Night - @davewuk

2nd Place - Marilyn With a Sparkler - @deadgrlsuppastar

Third Place - New Year's in Thailand - @hangin

Thank you for all the marvelous #photography!
To all the winners,
your prizes will be sent out soon.
Happy snapping people!
Now, show us some BARK ;)!

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Love grows

This photo was captured somewhere in or around Sedona Arizona USA, and it was about 20 years ago.

tree heart 7x4.jpg

Very soft colors of this amazing winter sunset at Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Pretty cold evening, but still a lot of humidity causing such insane colours combined with nice clouds patterns

This time this log as main subject at the foreground with nice structure and bark

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Hey' I noticed an upside down heart with the log running through the middle of it and outlined by the sand, in your picture. Nice shot. Its nice to have a heart!

Good eye!!!! :)

Thank you, They use to call me eagle eye. LOL

Congratulations to all the winners.
Here is my entry for this round.

Great & beautiful good luck to you

Yay.. i showed my daughter she is 10 btw.. and she asked me how much bitcoin i can buy with that lol... teaching them young!!! Lol

Perfect! My girls are just starting to understand the concept of money and I got them accounts on here. Once they grasp it a little better, I'll hand them the keys to their cars lol

Lol.. yeah same daughter gave me a dollar a few months ago to buy some btc.. she asked me how much she had now.. i didnt have the heart to tell her she is in the hole.. lol

Hello friends of photography.
It´s nice to be back und join this challenge again!
When you like my contribution... so let me know and shot it with a little upvote :) Thank you :)
I would say... it´s really nice :)

Congratulations @davewuk @deadgrlsuppastar and @hangin on your sensational Fireworks entries. Very impressive photos!
Here is my entry for this week.

E Barking up the right tree.jpg

Awesome macro, Trudee! @trudeehunter

Thanks very much dear Nina @ninahaskin The bark is very pronounced on some of these pine trees.

Congrats to all - beautiful images!

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Congratulations to all the winners! You have an outstanding entry!

Here's my entry for this week @killerwhale:

Thank you.

Thought I'd give this a shot. Here's my entry

Congrats to the winners for the fantastic fireworks. My entry to next contest -Bark.

Some awesome pics for sure, congrats everyone!

Congrats to all

Estimados amigos en este momento es que me di cuenta del reto
he aquí mi participación:

resteemed and upvoted. I am now following you @killerwhale

Thank you for opening this contest to the entire community. I tried twice writing in @enginewitty as a witness and his name never showed up. Any suggestions?

Here is my entry:

Congratulations to you all!!!

This is my contribution for the contest

Oh wow, can't believe I won - thank you so much and well done to everyone who entered :-)

Hey all, here is my submission for this contest!

A Lot of Bark, with a Little Bit of Bite


Great photos!

Here is my entry for the bark contest
Hope you enjoy it, thanks

This is my bark for this week


Here my post

Deep warm colors of sunset at the coast of Baltic Sea, nearby Klaipeda, Lithuania. The fallen tree with nice bark structure provided very very nice foreground with perfect leading lines.

Enjoy the view!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Greetings friends of KillerPix📷Contest Here I leave my entries. I hope you like them

Old man

Hand carved

Ohhhh.....Wowwwww....what a pleasant surprise to be in the winning list thank you so much @killerwhale and congrats to all the other winners :)

greetings this is my entry for this week and the photo I call it "Resistance" like this tree, we are the ones who stayed in venezuela that we continue resisting

oh snaps! i had no idea my fambam member had a photo contest!! just saw it from @kaerpediem ... entry to follow. woot


sideways upload by steemit, not so in my post. weird!

eagle spirit

Follow @Killerwhale... there are all kinds of contests....

@kaerpediem yeah no kidding, and here i thought thealliance was just full of a bunch of weirdos bwahahahahah

now i'm a fellow weirdo but having a great time! truly becoming a fam!! xoxox

I got 3 different contests on this profile here sweets, and the fam has several floating around out there ;)

  • Witty

@killerwhale what the? that's you?? EW?? danggg fooled me ...

yay fam!!