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Submissions Closed

Sorry, that's the buzzer. No more entries will be accepted this week. We have some fine looking pictures everyone has taken and now it's time for our judges to filter through the best of the best. The theme this week was 'FIBER ARTS' and we are impressed with the creativity!!! Go see for yourself! Go indulge yourself in the competition's submissions by clicking here!

Support Those Photographers!

Taking good pictures is not an easy thing to do. I encourage you to stop in and give your favorites some encouragement. It's one thing to take a picture, it's a whole new level when you have parameters you need to adhere to and these people all did it very well. So big round of applause for them! NOM NOM NOM

Who will win???
Stay tuned tomorrow to find out!
Thank you to all the participants!
Thank you to all the contributors!
Thank you to all the judges!

Before you go, @juliank, @bluefinstudios
@axeman, @derekkind, @claudiaz, @rimicane
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