KillerPix📷Contest #27 - 20 SBD In Prizes!🏆- Submissions Post 🌐 (Plus Winners From Last Week👀)

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Hello Steempeeps!

Welcome to #thealliance's

#KillerPix Photography Contest!

This is a weekly contest with a randomly themed attitude.
This contest is open to the entire Steemit community!
This week, the theme will be TECHNOLOGY
I want to see your shots of what you think is technology!
Photographs will be judged on just a couple things:
Let's have some fun!


  1. Create a post with your OWN ORIGINAL photo with the first tag being #killerpix
  2. Your photo must contain a description - where and when at the least
  3. The link to your entry must be in the comments of this thread, post the pic if you like
  4. All entries must be submitted by the Monday following this post
  5. You may submit no more than TWO (2) entries per week
  6. You must upvote this post (please resteem for more exposure & to support good initiatives)


  1. Our first judge is a former Karaoke Contest winner and host of All Play Friday on @steemstarnetwork, please tip your hats to the beautiful voice of @topkpop!
  2. Winning photographer of the very first #Killerpix Contest, the honorable @tattoodjay is lending his assistance. His keen eye will deliver valued insight.
  3. Fellow ally and spectacular photographer that has been a cornerstone of our Latino community, @oscarps, has agreed to lend us his accurate vision. Be sure to check out his & @mrstrange's contest down there.
  4. Finally, we have #thealliance witness, @enginewitty. He just loves cute little bunnies and snakes...especially when snakes are eating cute little bunnies.


  • 1st place is awarded 10 SBD.
  • 2nd place gets 7 SBD.
  • 3rd place gets 3 SBD.
  • All the winners also get their winning entries upvoted and resteemed by @killerwhale. Can't wait to see all the great photos!

And the winners this week are...

1st Place - Pillars of My Life - @gabyoraa

2nd Place - The Geometry Game - @nairesc

3rd Place - Mount Coot Botanical Gardens - @jayclar30

Thank you for all the marvelous #photography!
As usual, it was difficult to decide a winner!
To all the winners,
your prizes will be sent out soon.
Happy snapping people!
Now, show us some gizmomajiggers ;)!

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gif made by awesome ally @liberty-minded

#thealliance pagebreak killerwhale.png


Oh thank you for selecting mine for a win!! : )
Nice take on triangles @gabyoraa, congratulations!!

Hey well done, nice to see your work recognized! :)

Oh thank you : ) It's a shame there wans't more water plants in the pond to make it more "pretty" but it was perfect for the triangle theme!

Yay @jayclar30 We won a contest together. Isn't that awesome!

That is wonderful @gabyoraa but if I'm completely honest I think our photos are miles apart... yours is amazing. Mine... I have to tell you I didn't expect this at all. While it fits the triangle theme perfectly, I wouldn't say it was a great photo if there was no theme... yours on the other hand... there's a reason why you're in the top position! : ) In saying all that though, it was a complete suprise, a welcomed surprise and I'm very appreciative!! : )

congrats! so great.

Thank you @sjarvie5, that's really kind of you to say!! : )

@jayclar30 I liked your photo much more for the first place, but I am not a judge so I think they did their job well. Congratulations for such an excellent photo.

Oh thank you @isabelpena, that's very kind of you to say : )

Congratulations to the winners, I loved that photo from @gabyoraa when I saw it before! And those are really cool takes on the theme, @nairesc and @jaychar30!

Thanks @derekkind, the only reason you didn't win is because you didn't participate ha ha ha.

It was a contributing factor but not the only reason. :p

Hahaa, I like that!! : )

Thank you @derekkind. I'm totally with @gabyoraa!!
And just after I finished reading your introduce yourself post too... you're being far too kind!!!

Well, thank you! I had no idea for triangle though. :)

It was cube that did my head in! : )

Haha, yes. I got all bent out of shape over it too. Technology could be fun though...

Yes!! : ) The question is which way to interpret that... SO many options!!

Oh wow. What a wonderful way to wake up! I really didn't think I would win! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Congrats Gaby.

It was a lovely, and well deserved win!

really nice photo, well done

Awesome photo @gabyoraa! Congratulations!

very nice photos, congrats to all the winners.

Wow thank you so much for this oportunity, I'm glad to be part of the winners, so honored :D!!! Good luck to the next participants of this new serie!

Congrats to all winners, great pictures. This is my entry for this week.

A Night Like any Other

Here's my entry...
The one thing we're all here for... A Journey Through the Ages.



Congrats to the winners! Will join this round! Very interesting theme!

@rimicane thanks!!!!! I would like to see what you come up for this theme.

Yes - technology is a good one! I should not forget abt the PhotoGames Friday fix, missed so much already 😆

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