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Hello everybody!

The subject of this post: Several Kickstarter projects! I will also explain why I have not published these last days ;)

Kickstarter? What is it?

I had presented this site on an old post, do not hesitate to take a look ;) (but the post is older than 7 days, so do not spend your voting power by voting on it!)

Explanation of my absence in recent times!

During the last 10 days, I have not been very present on Steemit. Some have pointed out to me (I would even say one in particular, @charline not to say her name ... :p), so I will explain everything!
Short version: I'm doing an additional year of study in Paris, and I'm on an alternate course in Sophia-Antipolis, and the last two weeks were my work in progress and work :D
Long version:
I just finished my engineering studies last September (at the same time as @cedaout, he made a post on it, which I invite you to read: ), but I did not want to end my student life like that! So I decided to apply to several business schools, in order to get a little less technical background, and a little more functional oriented. I admit that the recruitments were not easy, but I was accepted at ESSEC Paris and Télécom Paristech, in a Specialized Masters. This Masters being done in alternation, I had to find a company that agreed to hire me, and I found one on Sophia-Antipolis, in the south of France ... So I had to find an apartment around Sophia-Antipolis, but I also had to fill a lot of documents.
And so, to conclude, I started classes 2 weeks ago, and last week I started the job. So I had two rather busy weeks, between the installation on Sophia-Antipolis, the trip from Toulon to Paris then from Paris to Toulon followed by the trip from Toulon to Sophia-Antipolis ....
But I'm happy, it allows me to move, to discover new cities and new horizons! If you are from one of these cities, do not hesitate to tell me ;)

Let's talk about serious things!

Why I present Kickstarter projects?

Some projects are really interesting, but to find good ones you sometime have to spend a lot of time on Kickstarter. That's why I decided to present some of them, which are still in progress, and which might interest you! I have taken quite a variety of subjects, so that everyone can find it ;) Do not hesitate to go to the projects page if they seem interesting to you!

Embr Wave : A thermostat for your body!

Ok, so this project is REALLY revolutionary - at least for me ;) It allows "simply" to warm up or cool down, wherever you are! obviously, it will not work if you're on the ice floe or in the Sahara, but for small differences in temperature, I think it can be really something interesting! Simply touch the button, blue to feel colder, or red to feel warmer, and the device will generate "temperature waves" that will directly influence your nervous system. I can not tell you much more on the technical side, but it's developed by MIT apparently, so you can trust them ;)

Price: 250+$


This project is more intended for laptop addicts, and for those who do not have a computer (right @charline? :p)! It allows you to use your phone as a pc. You connect your phone to this device, and your phone becomes a pc! So you have a better screen (especially bigger), and you have access to the keyboard! One disadvantage: only for Android! But if the project works, you can be sure that they will release an IOS version ;)

Price: 130+$

Minimal 360

A more basic project, but more affordable ;) and always computer-oriented! This very fine little tool is used to allow your computer to rotate on itself. Why do you say? Well, simply to share your screen more easily during a meeting for example! So, yes, it's a gadget, but I think their project is well done, and the design too, it just makes you want to buy it! Basically, it is a product intended for lazy people... It was therefore natural for it to finish in my list ;)

Price: 18+CA$

Mr Orange 2.0

Another project for the more lazy ;) No need to squeeze an orange to get its juice: drink directly the juice in the orange! There is no small revolution ;) In addition, it is the improved version, the first version having already been a success! One day, the idlers will conquer the world, but not today: lazyness.

Price: 14+€


You thought I could not find more original than the previous project? Well, think again ;) Who never dreamed of having a pocket catapult, and what's more, to build it yourself! And not one that breaks in two seconds, a metal one please! Who says better? Aside from the wacky side, I find that this project can make a nice gift to someone who likes miniature constructions! And it is a rather decorative object: D You have the choice of material used, but I find that the metal side is what makes this object particular ;)

Price: 15+$

Here, my selection ends here! I would probably do it again in the next few months, but I'd rather wait until interesting new projects come out beforehand ;) If you plan to participate in a project, do not hesitate to tell me :D

Thanks for reading! If you like this post, do not hesitate to upvote and resteem ;)
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Toujours pas revenu !!

J'avoue que j'abuse aha :p Mais je fais le pleins d'idées (a)

Bah tu m étonnes en 2 mois d absence de post xD tu dois avoir de quoi écrire 🤣🤣

Aha je saiiis j'abuse xD mais tellement de choses a faire... :3
Ca va toi sinon? :D

Mouai mouai t as dit pareil y'a 2 mois xD

Non mais c est domage quand même t as laissé ton steem endormi !!

Ouai tout va bien de mon côté Merci 😉

Maiiiis c'est compliqué :p

Oui c'est vrai :(

D'acc ;) ca marche sur steem? :p

Je vais m'y remettre serieusement bientot... :p Pas cette semaine, je suis a paris xD

Mouaiiii pas cette semaine ni la prochaine xD

Allé un peu de motivation !!!!!!!

C'est dommage quand même 😕

12 jours 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

Maiiis j'avais pas le teeeemps xD



On en parle que cet article date maintenant de 8 jours 👿


On se réveille ⏰

9 jours meme maintenant :o :p

Ohlalalaaaaa mais c est pas possible !!


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