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It’s real ! @remic2005 and me are, for more than a week, engineers graduates after 5 years of hard work (or not ^^). I will try, through this post, to present you quickly my course, this will give you an idea of the main steps to become an engineer. This is a subject very important to me, I hope you will appreciate it 😊. In any case, do not hesitate to ask questions, I am looking forward to seeing them !

My student career:

To summarize, I did a scientific bac (mandatory Frensh exam after college) option science of life and earth specialty Mathematics. I passed this exam in 2012 and I chose to go to the preparatory classes to the “grandes écoles” (CPGE) more commonly called “prepa”. There are obviously other ways to integrate an engineering school in France such as the University Institute of Technology (IUT), but I don’t know much about this university.

The preparatory classes for the “grandes écoles”

But what exactly is a prepa?? These are classes spread over a period of 2 years, divided into several categories: literary, scientific, economic and commercial in order to prepare us for entrance examinations to the “grandes écoles”. Personally I chose an integrated (scientific) prepaid. It is a classic preparation but already belonging to an engineering school. The difference is that at the end of the two years, we have the choice between passing the exams for the “grandes écoles” (like the classical prepas) or stay in the same school (if some criteria are validated). What about marking ? Supervised homework from 2h or 4h usually on Saturday morning, continuous and surprise exams of about an hour and khôlles. khôlles are oral intercommunication made in groups of three which take place twice a week in the evening after classes.

Condition for validating the integrated prepa:

  • Carry out an associative training course: Non-profit training course of a duration of 2 weeks
  • Carry out a worker's internship: Internship of a duration of 1 month minimum
  • To have above 8/20 in the three scientific subjects: the scientific subjects are: mathematics, physics, chemistry and finally the sciences of the engineer. Ah and yes 8/20 seems not hard to get but in prepa it is really something believe me x).
  • A general average of 10/20: Not easy to reach too ^^.
Be aware that you cannot repeat the first year of prepa, but the second can be repeated several times if the student is not satisfied with the schools proposed to him / her at the end of the competitions. I avoided these exams to directly enter the engineering cycle.

The engineering cycle :

In France, an engineering school is spread over 3 years in order to complete a master 2 and obtain the diploma of engineer. During the first year in my school, we work on all subjects to make a choice at the end of the year between 2 major: the major computer and the major electronic. Then between 4 options that will represent about 200 hours in the year: "advanced computer", "advanced electronics", "management" and the "innovation" option. For my part, I chose the major "computer" option "advanced computer", to learn differents languages for development as much front-end as back-end. Wholesale to become developer and touch a bit to all the technologies of the moment.

There are also criteria to validate to obtain the diploma:

  • Carry out a 4-month technical internship:
    a mandatory internship to be done at the end of the second year, it will be validated according to the internship report and the oral defense carried out after the internship.
  • Carry out a 6 months internship or an apprenticeship :
    Mandatory internship to be done at the end of the third year, it will be validated according to the dissertation and the oral defense carried out after the internship . An apprenticeship spans a full school year. During the first six months, the student alternates between the company and his school, and then he will be full-time in the company for the next 6 months.
  • Get B2 level in English: TOEIC at 780/990 minimum or pass Cambridge First Certificate
  • Have more than 12/20 overall average
  • Make an stay abroad of at least 13 weeks :
    This stay must be made in two times maximum. So I did 3 weeks in Plymouth in England and 10 weeks in Malta (yes I was pleased). We have to be active during those 13 weeks, working or attending classes. Personally I took English classes, I really needed them 😊.

Summary diagram (in green my choices) :

This is a sweet summary of my past 5 years as a student. I insist with the word "summary", because you guess that it lacks an infinity of details in this post ^ ^. I hope it has entertained you, maybe given you some ideas? It's also nice to compare his experience with that of others so feel free to share in the comments 😊.

I leave you with the photo of my promo!



Congrats man! You discribed your studies pretty well! Hope you enjoy your journey here!

Thanks :) and yes for sure I really enjoy it !

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Thanks !

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