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RE: Our First Steemian Wheelchair Has Been Donated! Thanks To Steemit!

Great bro.
Zama taraf na ka sa manda tarra v nu kha makha owaye ao khpl contact number hum bya rakay che zm drsra sa help koly shama che contact koly shu.


InshaAlla wale na rora 03317417460 taso hpal friend a contribution kole shai mung ta serf owayai mung ba dartha person ohayo mung chana paise demand nakao serf help mu mathlab de thanks

I know.
Zma yo friend hum der involve de charity sezono k nu insha Allah I will try to talk to him :)

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jazalaAllah Brother Try to talk in english so that all our friend can understand i appreciate your interest !By the way where are you from ?

Thanks :)
CHD but living in PSH.

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