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So today I'm offering a one cent upvote to 10 people who have staked at least 100 kgcoin token's just follow the rules below PicsArt_07-23-03.46.31.jpg

1 must stake 100 kgcoin token's and send screenshot

2 send one kgcoin token @kgcoin

3 comment 1-10 only 10 votes so please check the number of votes before sending kgcoin token's if you are the first one please comment with the link to the post and number 1

More info about kgcoin kgcoin token's find out more

Buy kgcoin token's

Everyone who resteems this post will get 0.2 kgcoin token just make sure you leave me a comment if you resteem so I can send you the token .
If you are staking more than 100 kgcoin token's send me a screenshot of staking once verified you will be added to my automatic upvote check out the link kgcoin token's find out more for much more information


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