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On Today's Topic we will be discussing the health effects of the keto diet.

What you may hear in today's discussion may shock you & you may not want to agree with it, you may even get angry but this is none the less the wisdom, the experience, the facts & the research.

I hear so many people talking about this diet and they have been fed alot of half truths that promise so much benefits in the way of loosing weight.
But what isn't being told is the real important issue we will be discussing today.

The Truth Is - Yes you will loose weight & quickly at that.
The other truth that is being kept silent is that it's unhealthy & will shell shock your metabolism and can even cause permanent damage!

The other ugly truth that the people who are pushing the Keto Diet to sell they're programs to you - is that the moment you start eating carbs again you will gain all that weight back quite quickly and then some - Why? well because your metabolism has undergone such trauma that the moment it starts taking in carbs again it doesn't know what to do with it so it stocks it up & stores it!

This causes you to regain all that weight and makes it harder to keep it off afterwards.
Let's Face it! This diet is not sustainable! The moment you stop it - which you will because let's face facts it sucks eating mostly fat & protein. And on top of that Animal products pollute the body with toxins - And that's the cold hard truth.

You will gain & store all that weight back and if you proceed long enough on this detrimental Ketogenic diet... permanent damage can be caused to you body; to your metabolism. not to mention the stress you put your body threw which Leaks Jing at an accelerated rate. This accelerated rate of fat burning is releasing stored up toxins. Toxins are stored in the fat tissues & this can be lethal if you have had a really poor diet your whole life and stored a ton of toxins - you could literally poison yourself threw detox.

Don't stress the organs. They are your source of vitality.

Trust me - I've seen my dad do this so many times - He Starts His Keto or Atkin Diet & looses a ton of weight. But It never lasts - he stops because it's just not sustainable and he's looking all good and thin but then quickly gains his weight back quicker than he lost it and then starts looking bloated like a balloon.
It takes him several months to get back into his natural rhythms to balance the negative effects of these trauma tactic to loose weight cause & for him not to look like such a bloated balloon.

Why does this happen?

The body needs carbohydrates to function efficiently - it's it's main source of energy.
When you starve the body of its food source and make it eat your fat - it changes its biochemistry to adapt. We humans are great adaptors. But this will ultimately Stress & Traumatise the body's immune response & metabolism to the point of no return if done for extended periods of time.

Now I know if this is what you've been lead to believe is what you need to do to loose weight & you've heard all the great shit about this Keto Diet fad - Then Im sure you probably hate me right now for revealing this truth that you don't want to hear.

But let's face it you can't sustain this diet - thus when you stop most likely you will be like the 90% of people whom gain that weight back and then some - And you'll wonder why you always fail & you will hate yourself.

My Goal here is to provide you with the tools you need to truly reach your health & fitness goals.

To understand the principles of why certain things do not work while also explaining what does work from personal wisdom & experience.

  1. Wellness does not come from the lastest diet trends - It comes from a lifestyle change!
  2. Nature is smart it put the medicine in the food.
  3. Eat Whole Plant-Based Foods - Avoid Processed & man-made foods.

And you will see a natural unfolding of your goals coming to life before you.
Where the weight slowly - Yes Slowly - will naturally & effortlessly burn off at your bodies own pace as it detoxifies the stores toxins in your fat tissues - which is also much much better for your overall health, vitality & longevity of life because Jing is the issue here. Quick sudden changes drain jing (your life force) so the slow & steady path yields the best fruit - the fruit that last & are there for you when you need it most!

Please bare in mind that with proper diet (100% Plant-Based - And Mostly Raw) you don't even need to exercise that much and you will still burn stores of fat naturally.
Having said that - you will find with proper plants as your medicine (food) you will have so much more energy that you may want to take up exercise not as a chore but out of necessity as you may find that to sit and do nothing sucks - it's stopping the Chi flow from flowing!
And you got all this free flowing energy that you want to cultivate by moving!

Herbalist TreeGuy Shaman's Nutritionist Seal Of Approval

My Shamanic Herbalist Nutritionist Recommendation To Diet Changes:

​Go Vegan, Eat All The Fucking Fruits You Want! And do not worry about sugar - fruits actually stabilize blood sugar - (If your diabetic eat fruit! Stop Eating meat (carcinogen) & refined foods like pasta & bread - they are what spike blood sugar & insulin. But that's a topic for another day.)

Eating mostly Raw foods is Best because its full of light energy (Bio-Photons) - Unadulterated Nutrients & Enzymes.

Include Superfoods - Get dense nutrient, antioxidant, enzyme rich packed foods into your body with less caloric intake. This creates longevity. Fasting heals the body & rejuvenates it from the inside out. By simply eating less and getting more in terms of nutrition, huge amounts of energy & youth preserving vitality you be yours - burning off excess fat & Building dense lean muscle mass naturally.

Tonic Herbs nurture Jing (Yin/Yan), Chi, Blood & Shen - Which are the true gatekeepers to ultimate longevity when matched with the recommendations from above.

To Learn More About Your Three Treasures: Jing, Chi & Shen

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