Zoodles with Bolognese Sauce

in keto •  2 months ago

Good day steemians,

today I bring you a different type of keto recipe. I made this recipe today for the first time, and I have to say that I got very impressed of how tasty it was.

So basically the base consist of zucchini noodles -this are homemade natural zucchini noodles, just made out of the zucchini vegetable, it doesn't contain flour or anything, I just cut the zucchini as in noodles form-, which I made in a pan with butter, salt, and pepper.

The bolognese sauce was slow cooked and it contains butter, ** yellow onion**, bacon, minced meat (good quality one 👌), salt, pepper, dried oregan, chilli flakes (of course 😅), sweet pepper, tomato paste, and chopped tomatoes.

2018-09-06 03.30.23 2.jpg

We really enjoyed this new keto recipe and you don't miss eating real pasta, it fulfills all your "carb" needd !

2018-09-06 03.30.24 1.jpg

Hope you like the recipe! Enjoy and cheers!

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