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In my opinion we should be aware of KARMA because we are Beings Of Action and definitely we do mistakes in life and sometimes the size of mistake take the form of vast and in return we have to face the consequences with same balance.

It will not be wrong if i call KARMA as Natural Law because our actions are energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed it only can be Transfered so it's a cycle of consequences which born through our intentions and actions, means, what you seed you reap.

There are very kind human beings but at the same time we see cruel human beings too who behave in life like wild animals with others and all their actions hurt one or other but they are forgetting that what they are doing and whatever pain they are transferring it will be back one or other way without any doubt.

But there is one more cruel act which is done and doing by human beings and that is, they act sweet and they create Relationships then time comes when they backstab and betray their close one's specially to those people who care for them who pray for their goodness, this face of humanity is cruelest.


KARMA is a cycle which continues and occurs either in current life or one's future life and KARMA hold fruitful results for those who have done good deeds and hold good intentions and at the same time harsh or bitter fruit for those who have done bad deeds and gave pain to others.

Life is a biggest test and in this test some fail to understand it and they use their Free Will to manifest bad and cruel deeds and some no matter how much pain they have and no matter in which condition they are living they will spread love, kindness and brotherhood.

Our actions are energy and if we collaboratively release the energy of love, kindness and togetherness then we can change this world for good because this collaborative energy will transform into practical form and the base idea of Collaboration will get manifested.

We human beings are Transformers and our Evolution is nothing but a process of Transformation and this process of Transformation will be continued but the deeds and intentions of Transformation should be right otherwise the Transformation will suppress us.

You will decide taste of your life.

The understanding is simple, you do good your taste of life will be good. Many times people become greedy and fall for the Materialistic gains and they transform into harsh and produce hurtful actions. Never harm anyone because the pain is recorded by the KARMA.

No matter you will be caughtless for your cruel deeds but KARMA is watching us every second and recording our deeds and it's our foolishness if we think that we do bad actions and no one will caught us, what energy we released it will visit our door once again.



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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards,
Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Resteemed. We're all one consciousness playing itself out in Billions of human shapes. Whatever we do to another we do to ourselves, anyway. Karma makes this fact a little more perceivable. I hope that we'll manage to heal in unity. Peace!


Yes, whatever we are doing it's adding to ultimate consciousness. And it's choice of masses which consciousness they want to manifest, means, Consciousness Of Light or Consciousness Of Darkness. Stay blessed.

Looks like poo karma :) save yourself- incoming! Lol

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Ha ha..... 😁😁



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